Walmart and Nextdoor provided solutions to connect neighbors in need during COVID-19


unique visitors to the Help Map during Walmart’s sponsorship

25% lift

in Walmart brand favorability for members who joined a Neighbor Helping Neighbor Group


members joined Walmart’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors groups


As shelter in place orders came into effect around the country, many vulnerable and at-risk community members were not able to venture into physical stores to access groceries, medications and other essential items during the pandemic. Walmart wanted to find a solution to give communities more access to the products they needed while limiting contact. At the same time, Nextdoor began to recognize a huge uptick of neighbors offering to help on the platform.


Walmart partnered with Nextdoor to launch the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program, a support network that made it easier for vulnerable community members to coordinate the pickup and delivery of their items with a neighbor who was already planning a shopping trip to their local Walmart store – completely contact-free. As part of this program, the new Help Map tool allowed neighbors to pin their house location and indicate they were available to help. Walmart and Sam’s Club locations were also pinned on the map and included store hours and other relevant information for shoppers. The Shopping Help for Neighbors groups was a brand-new resource available in every community with a Walmart location. These groups helped make the communication and connection between the helpee and helper possible and actionable. To drive awareness to these resources, Walmart and Nextdoor ran Sponsored Posts in both Newsfeed and Digest, targeting both helpers and helpees. Further efforts were made by moderating the groups to ensure those in need were aware of the available services and connections. 



The partnership between Nextdoor and Walmart during this time of need was overwhelmingly positive and successful. Overall, the efforts saw over 10.5 million unique visitors to Help Map and over 35 thousand connections between neighbors. The Help Groups had tremendous participation with 63% identifying as a helper and 21% as a helpee. Their experience within the groups was positive with 92% of helpees and 94% of helpers reporting they’d recommend the service. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program was covered across many media outlets, including over 300 local TV news stories highlighting the importance and impact of these resources. 
Secondary results: Light Walmart shoppers reported doubling the portion of their shopping done at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart also saw a 5% lift in brand favorability with members exposed to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors campaign versus non-exposed members, and a 25% lift in favorability for members who joined groups. The campaign is a Gold Winner of the 2021 Muse Creative Award and a Platinum Winner of the 2021 MarCom Award.

Quotes from neighbors

“I would be happy to help any of my neighbors if they needed a few things from Walmart, and do not have the means to do so”

“I realize that many of our neighbors are in the high risk age group or compromised immune systems. If anyone needs anything let me know.”

“Hi. I have been self isolating since March 12th as I am over 60 and diabetic. I would love some groceries the next time somebody is going please.” 

“This is a wonderful idea, I am elderly and do need help sometimes. Thank you!”

“I would just like to take a moment to thank anyone that is involved with the Grocery Pickup at Walmart. I don’t know if you are thanked or compensated enough for what you do, but I wanted to let you know that what you do means a lot to some people and is very much appreciated!”


Gold Winner of the
2021 Muse Creative Award


Platinum Winner of the
2021 MarCom Award