Battersea shared pet advice with UK neighbors to keep pets safe, happy and healthy


above Pet category CTR benchmark


above Moat benchmarks in attention quality


Pets are family too and Nextdoor is home to a passionate community of pet lovers, providing a unique opportunity to help neighbors involve their furry friends in all kinds of activities in a way that only Nextdoor can.

Battersea - an animal rescue center for dogs and cats - worked with Nextdoor to provide pet owners with advice and expertise, including summer care, tips on keeping pets relaxed, and settling in neighbors’ new dogs. When it comes to keeping pets healthy, safe and happy, everyone needs some support sometimes.


Starting in the summer, Battersea ran Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed using display creative. Creative also featured lifestyle imagery of pets to increase engagement and drive interest among neighbors.

Battersea Pets also worked with Nextdoor to run an Oracle Moat Analytics study to measure the following:

  • Universal Interaction Rate: The percentage of impressions where a user entered the frame of the ad and remained active for at least 0.5 seconds.
  • Attention Quality: The percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting.
  • Viewability: The percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second.
  • Hover Rate: The percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad


Contextually relevant creative worked particularly well at driving traffic to the site. We saw significant increases in CTR over the extreme weather events. Over the first heatwave, the Cat Summer Care saw a 55% increase in CTR compared to the overall campaign CTR and the Dog Summer Care saw a 54% increase in CTR compared to the overall campaign CTR. The Cat Summer Care creative had the highest CTR - over 4x above the benchmark typically seen with Pet related ads on Nextdoor. 

When it came to the Oracle Moat Analytics study, all four key areas exceeded their MOAT benchmark by a significant margin. The biggest increase against benchmark took place across Universal Interaction Rate, which exceeded the benchmark of 3.3% by 448%. In attention quality, the campaign performed 124% above Moat benchmarks and in hover rate, the campaign performed 199% above Moat benchmarks.

"Nextdoor gives Battersea a great way to reach dog & cat owners, sharing our expert advice to help keep their pets happy & healthy. Results indicate that Neighborhoods found our ads relevant, engaging and most importantly, helpful."

Craig Billing

Performance Marketing Lead