A pet insurance brand targeted pet owners to drive awareness and consideration


impressions served


lift in brand awareness


Nextdoor is home to a passionate community of pet lovers, providing a national pet insurance brand with a unique opportunity to reach pet owners in a way that only Nextdoor can.

The brand targeted pet owners on Nextdoor with the goal of driving brand awareness and meeting Nextdoor’s CTR benchmarks.

Additionally, the brand sent a Sponsored Email to U.S. neighbors, encouraging them to keep pets safe during the holiday season. Included within the email was a helpful list of potential hazards for four-legged friends and a link to Nextdoor Groups for pet owners.


The brand ran Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed to reach neighbors in relevant context. The brand rotated several different creative versions throughout the duration of the campaign, including sweepstakes, seasonal, and standard evergreen creative, to keep the content fresh and continually engage neighbors. 

We also sent a custom email to neighbors to provide holiday tips and drive quotes, resulting in an open rate more than twice our benchmark.



Nextdoor delivered +40M impressions and saw nearly 125K clicks to the brand's creative. Moreover, the campaign drove a +14% lift for Brand Awareness among exposed neighbors and a +9% lift in both Ad Recall and Consideration. Among its competitors, the brand experienced the strongest lifts across Brand Awareness, Ad Recall, Consideration and Favorability. 

While this campaign had a positive effect on neighbors across all categories, it performed particularly well for neighbors earning <$50K, driving significant lifts for all metrics:  Brand Awareness (+15%), Ad Recall (+20%), Message (+19%), Recommendation (+24%), Consideration (+18%), and Favorability (+11%). Neighbors in the Midwest also drove significant lifts for all metrics: Brand Awareness (+23%), Ad Recall (+33%), Message (+31%), Recommendation (+30%), Consideration (+32%), and Favorability (+15%).