Nextdoor drove double-digit lift in brand awareness for one of America’s leading health care providers


point lift in brand awareness


point lift in message association


point lift in ad recall



One of America’s leading health care providers exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of its members and the communities it serves. 

Knowing that ensuring the overall health and well-being of a community starts at the local level, the health care provider capitalized on Nextdoor's power of local personalization to reach audiences in specific neighborhoods across the country. 

Eager to increase awareness of their work and mission, they turned to Nextdoor using a variety of tactics, including leveraging Sponsored Posts in the Newsfeed, to reach neighbors. Armed with the information that Nextdoor believes in the transformative power of community, it was an ideal place for their awareness campaign.


The brand collaborated with Nextdoor to test Newsfeed Video Sponsored Posts to reach neighbors across the U.S. The brand ran media in 7 key markets across the country, testing several types of creative to drive awareness. 

Nextdoor also ran a Lucid Brand Lift study to measure the impact of the campaign on key KPIs including brand awareness, message association and ad recall. 


The campaign was extremely effective at driving brand metrics, driving upper-funnel impact through significant lifts across key KPIs. It achieved a +13.5 pts lift in brand awareness, a +4.3 pts lift in ad recall, and last but not least, a +6.6 pts lift in message association. We also saw brand awareness lift as high as 20-25 pts in key regions. Brand awareness increased significantly across HHI, while we also saw lower-mid-income households see a positive impact on various brand KPIs. 


Source: Nextdoor Lucid Brand Lift Study: July 7–December 31, 2023 Control n = 917; exposed n = 923.