Nextdoor helped spread E.ON Next’s mission for sustainable energy




cheaper CPL than Twitter


of quotes delivered (2nd biggest driver)


E.ON Next is a UK-based renewable energy provider that wants to make a positive difference in sustainability. They wanted to raise more awareness for their offerings — primarily no extra costs, dedicated energy specialists, and no exit fees — to drive consideration with customers.


Nextdoor geographically targeted London with Sponsored Posts in neighbours’ Newsfeed and Digest, which directed them to the E.ON Next website to get a quote. Then, when the gas crisis hit in the UK, the creative pivoted to promoting a co-branded E.ON Next and Nextdoor microsite where people could take an energy survey. This provided insight into what people found important when considering energy companies.



The E.ON Next campaign on Nextdoor had an average CTR of 0.36% and achieved a CPL 140% cheaper than Twitter (both platforms were optimised towards traffic). Additionally Nextdoor achieved significantly higher time on site vs Twitter (120s vs 10s). The Nextdoor campaign was the 2nd biggest quote driver after Discovery, delivering 18% of the quotes.