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Family-run roofing business increases leads by 300% with Nextdoor

Joe Hall Roofing, a Texas-based, family-run roofing business and Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite, knows all about the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. This is why they turn to Nextdoor to connect with both existing and potential customers. The team knows building strong community relationships is fundamental for success. So when they looked for more ways to engage with members of their community, they turned to Nextdoor. Using Business Posts not only helped them better connect with their neighbors, it increased their Nextdoor leads by 300%. 

Read on to learn more about Joe Hall Roofing and get their tips for success on Nextdoor. 

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A family business rooted in the community  

Joe Hall Roofing, a residential and commercial roofing business serving the Greater Fort Worth area, was founded in Arlington, TX in 1989. Now run by Brett and Tina Hall, the business prides itself on their values of honesty, integrity, and incredible customer service. Their team members are experts in the industry and highly experienced (more than half of employees have been with the business for over 10 years). For every job, there is a superintendent on-site to ensure all customers have a resource and are educated about all aspects of the job.  

At Joe Hall Roofing everyone is treated like family — both customers and employees. This sense of family is what motivates the team at Joe Hall Roofing to go beyond business. Most of the staff is involved in the community in some way. From coaching local sports teams to volunteering at nearby schools, being rooted in the community is deeply valued. 

“We built our business on the back of the city that we live in and it has grown over time. But the reason we are where we are now is because of the people of Arlington.”  — Tina Hall, Co-Owner

Joe Hall Roofing Biz Post 2


Growing word-of-mouth with Nextdoor 

When looking for additional ways to reach customers and market their business online, Joe Hall Roofing turned to Nextdoor. Ariane Cain runs marketing at Joe Hall Roofing and learned about Nextdoor through personal use. She claimed their Business Page after seeing many neighbors post recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals.  

“Word-of-mouth is the number one way Joe Hall gets our leads. Because roofing is such a big job, people want to use roofers that others have used. Nextdoor is the perfect platform because that word-of-mouth is coming from neighbors who are trusted.” — Ariane Cain, Marketing Manager

Along with trusted recommendations, Joe Hall Roofing turns to Nextdoor because of local targeting. As Jackson Hall, Director of Innovations and Business Development, tells us, knowing you’re speaking to nearby customers who can actually walk into your business is vital.

“Nextdoor has the local differentiator. We know exactly the community we’re reaching. Being able to speak to people near us is huge.” — Jackson Hall, Director of Innovation and Business Development

Tips for engaging Business Posts

Joe Hall Roofing has found great success with Nextdoor Business Posts. In fact, in the first 6 months of posting, they were able to increase their Nextdoor leads by 300%. So how did they do this? Read on for Ariane’s top tips for creating engaging Business Posts.

  1. Keep the topic community-focused vs. sales-y. Ariane knows Joe Hall Roofing’s audience isn’t looking to be advertised to. In fact, pictures of their product (finished roofs) get the least interaction. This is why she keeps her posts more around topics neighbors can respond to. For example, you can spotlight your team volunteering, highlight any donations your business has made, or showing behind-the-scenes photos of your business out getting to know people in the community.

  2. Lean into National Holidays and other top-of-mind events. Major National Holidays are always a great topic to post about when relevant to your business, but don’t forget about other smaller national holidays like National Puppy Day or Small Business Week. These topics are already top-of-mind among neighbors and can facilitate more conversation and engagement. 

  3. Show people and behind-the-scenes photos. Ariane tells us showing anything with a person’s face gets more engagement, as does behind-the-scenes photos. Including people in your Business Posts puts a face to the business and shows the human side to your business. Beyond your products, there are real individuals who are working hard to bring customers the best possible service. Show off what they’re doing. According to Ariane, these posts are more organic and help boost Business Post performance.

Joe Hall Roofing Biz Post

An example of one of Joe Hall Roofing’s  high-performing posts on National Puppy Day 


Grow your local business with Nextdoor

Businesses like Joe Hall Roofing turn to Nextdoor to connect with potential customers who want to support nearby businesses. In fact, 88% of neighbors on Nextdoor frequent a local business at least once a week and they’ve already shared over 55 million business recommendations. Claim your Business Page to start connecting with neighbors and growing your reputation in your community.

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