The Farmer’s Dog conveyed its value to dog owners in the neighborhood


below CPA benchmark


The Farmer's Dog is the answer for keeping your pet healthy with human-grade food. They wanted to speak directly to dog owners to communicate all the amazing benefits and drive consideration for their food.


The Farmer's Dog reached pet owners with Nextdoor’s unique first party targeting. They were further able to personalize the creative messaging with Nextdoor’s Local substitution capabilities, including neighborhood and city name. The Farmer's Dog used clear images of the product and compelling talking points to convince dog lovers to upgrade their pet food. They also ran in Finds, Nextdoor’s online marketplace, to reach neighbors who were in a purchasing mindset.


The Farmer's Dog leveraged Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Ad Center to efficiently reach dog owners and drive purchase conversions for their food resulting in a campaign CPA at 33% below their benchmark.

"Nextdoor has been a great partner for The Farmer's Dog—in just 4 months, we've been able to scale the program spend up by over 380%, while getting more efficient MoM. Advertising on Nextdoor has allowed us to diversify our paid media mix, while reaching new incremental customers that aren't active on other social media platforms."

Hannah Theurer

Programmatic Acquisition Manager