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Houston Agent Sees 7x ROI with Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship

Houston real estate agent Michael Brombacher hasn’t been in the industry for many years, but when the opportunity to advertise his business on Nextdoor became available, he realized how impactful it could be for building his brand.

Nextdoor allows real estate agents to position themselves as “the” neighborhood expert while also utilizing the focused reach of the network to strategically share tips and advice to targeted neighborhoods. Agents who sponsor neighborhoods on Nextdoor can post content such as market stats and community events and engage in conversation with residents at verified addresses, ultimately allowing them to connect and build relationships with homeowners that may consider selling much earlier in the funnel.

Real estate agent Michael Brombacher

Brombacher initially sponsored just a few ZIP codes, but quickly added dozens more – and now sponsors 27 ZIP codes in Houston’s Inner Loop area, where he does most of his business. He explained, “For me, the number one reason I’m doing this is for more branding – it’s effective. My picture is consistently in front of all the neighbors in the ZIP codes that I want to work in. Neighborhood Sponsorships has been an easy way for people to keep seeing my name and picture over and over again, and, moreover, every call I get as a result of Nextdoor marketing turns into a qualified lead.”

Contrary to other online platforms where realtors seek to highlight their listings and respond to leads of all kinds, Nextdoor’s offering provides a unique opportunity for real estate professionals to become synonymous with a neighborhood, be a resource to residents, stay apprised of neighborhood insights and gain a digital word of mouth reputation as a desired listing agent.