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Jack in the Box drove store visits and outperformed CPSV benchmark


below Foursquare's CPSV benchmarks


increase in organic mentions of "Jack in the Box"


Given that nearly half of Nextdoor neighbors regularly eat fast food, Jack in the Box - a regional fast-food restaurant chain - worked with Nextdoor to promote its pick-up and delivery services at local restaurants with the aim of increasing sales and foot traffic to restaurants across states.


The brand utilized a combination of creatives by running both Display and Video Sponsored Posts in the Newsfeed as well as our Carousel unit to feature multiple menu items. Jack in the Box also made use of Nextdoor’s ability to reach neighbors on a more personalized level, targeting ads in specific markets to customize their messages and increase user engagement, highlighting the benefits of Nextdoor’s hyper-local messaging to neighbors. 

In addition to measuring clicks and cost per click, Nextdoor also worked with Foursquare to track store visits and Oracle Moat Analytics to track the following: 

  • Valid & Viewable Rate: The percentage of measurable unfiltered impressions that were valid, MRC (Media Ratings Council’s) viewable, and brand safe

  • Viewability: The percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second

  • Hover Rate: The percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad


Jack in the Box exceeded Nextdoor’s CTR benchmark across multiple creatives, with Display units outperforming Carousel & Video units by 37%. Food focused artwork drove the best performance for CTR & CPC, highlighting the success that a diverse use of creatives available on Nextdoor can have for our brands.

According to a study from Foursquare, Nextdoor beat FSQ's benchmark for cost per store visit in the QSR category by 84% while the campaign drove 940K+ store visits over a 2-day conversion window. We also measured brand lift in two key markets, which exceeded FSQ's median lift by 5x and 12x respectively. 

Measurement results from the Oracle Moat Analytics study were also strong. The campaign drove 25% more valid impressions compared to MOAT's benchmark, while in Viewability, the campaign performed 30% above MOAT benchmarks and in Hover Rate, it performed 106% above benchmark. 

Moreover, as a word-of-mouth platform, the campaign successfully drove an increase in organic mentions of "Jack in the Box" among exposed neighbors YOY by 22%. Exposing our neighbors to Jack In the Box ads changed their behaviors and led them to recommend Jack In the Box to other neighbors, amplifying the brand's organic presence on the platform. 

"We were excited to see strong results on Nextdoor during our first partnership. The ability to target customers at a hyper-local level added a new layer to our regional marketing strategy and helped increase valuable new store visits. We were able to test different creative styles without sacrificing results and the added brand lift studies confirmed our final performance metrics."


Kate Shapiro

Performance Marketing Manager