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Local Agent Shares Content Marketing Tips to Build Trust

After moving to Rockwall, Texas with her family, Melaney took a role as the Executive Office Administrator at local real estate broker Regal Realtors, and after a year, decided to get her real estate agent license in order to start building her own business.

Her goal as a real estate agent is to educate family, friends, and neighbors about the local real estate market while providing the highest level of client service. Therefore, when she sought out new real estate marketing opportunities, she was looking for something more intimate and that would build trust with the community. Nextdoor ultimately made the most sense to her.

Melaney Loar Real Estate Agent

According to Melaney, “As both a Neighborhood Sponsor and resident, I can really be the expert for the locals in my neighborhood. That’s what I like about Nextdoor.”

Melaney realizes the importance of differentiating herself from her competition, and one of the best ways she can do so with her Neighborhood Sponsorship is through valuable content she shares.

Read on for some tips from Melaney:

1. Your content should provide value and build trust. 

Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship Real Estate Agent Branding Post

“One of my first posts was educating neighbors about how to buy and sell at the same time. The goal was to layout the process to help ease folks’ worries in order for them to take that first step. Additionally, gaining their trust and confidence and choosing me as their REALTOR®.”

2. Put yourself in the shoes of a neighbor. What content would you like to see? What would you like to know? 

Melaney has been able to apply her experience and communication skills from her previous role in sports marketing to her real estate business – she understands the importance of creating content that is relevant to her audience. 

Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship Real Estate Agent Branding Post

She tells us, “I know how important content is – in fact, I probably overthink it too much – but I want it to add value, whatever it may be. I try to think of what I would like to see, and what I would like to know. I don’t want to blast folks with all of my real estate knowledge, but it is important to be able to educate. My priority is to help educate and help them understand.”

3. “Be a resource to the community and show people that you’re not just a real estate agent, but that you’re also a neighbor who loves their community — and that you’re invested.”


Melaney posted information about a local event hosted by a philanthropic group that she’s part of that provides college scholarships to students who otherwise may not be able to couldn’t afford to attend.