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Minnesota Athletic Club Finds New Members Using Local Deals

There’s a hidden gem in the Lake Calhoun, Minnesota community: the Calhoun Beach Athletic Club. Serving thousands of clients since the 1970s, Calhoun Beach Athletic Club is a full service fitness and athletic club with a country club-esque vibe. It has both indoor and outdoor pools, pilates and yoga classes, personal trainers, massage therapy, member parties – and more. They’re proud of their community involvement and the health, wellness, and social benefits they provide.

The club already has a vibrant reputation on Nextdoor with 50 neighbor recommendations, and was recently voted as a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite in 2019. In fact, when Andy, the club’s marketing manager, first learned about Nextdoor and the ability to claim a Business Page, he was delighted to see that there were already several organic recommendations from neighbors. 

“When people [on Nextdoor] ask for gym recommendations, other members are recommending us on their own!” Andy remarked.

Calhoun Beach Athletic Club

The public facility offers amenities that are often exclusive to country clubs.

As the club serves the local community – most members come from within a 5-10 mile radius – when Andy learned about Local Deals and the ability to hand pick which neighborhoods would see their promotion, he jumped at the opportunity. 

The club offers a 3-day complimentary guest pass for anyone who’d like to try the club out before joining as members – which made for a great offer to promote. With their first Local Deal, they brought in 13% more monthly leads, and each subsequent deal has brought in roughly 10% more leads.


“Nextdoor has been a good outlet for us to remind people who may already know who we are that we’re open and available to the public,” Andy said. “I like that we’re able to continually put these offers out there so that we remain in-conversation and seen by the neighborhood.”

Thinking towards the future and how the club will advertise, Andy says, “Nextdoor is definitely a staple for us now. It is cost effective, reaches our target markets, and has proven to drive new customer traffic every month.”