OnTheMarket drove online instant and agent valuations on Nextdoor






higher CR for Instant Valuation than benchmark


With 75% of neighbors in the UK identifying as homeowners, Nextdoor provided the perfect place for  OnTheMarket - an online property portal in the UK - to reach its target customers. In June 2022 OnTheMarket, which provides users with a free online estimate of their home's current value in minutes, and their agency Semetrical partnered with Nextdoor to drive online instant and agent valuations. On Nextdoor, all content is highly relevant based on a neighbor's local boundaries, providing a unique environment for brands like OnTheMarket.


OnTheMarket ran Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor newsfeed utilizing local substitution to personalize their posts and reach neighbors at the local level. With local substitution, neighbors were able to see how much their homes were worth in specific neighborhoods. Nextdoor’s Dynamic Local Ads enable brands to share a national message with dynamic regional or hyperlocal personalization of text or images with location or community information, increasing engagement by 58%. Nextdoor and Semetrical also carried out extensive creative testing with images supplied by OnTheMarket. Lifestyle imagery, branded banners and video assets were tested to ensure that the campaign remained relevant and to prevent ad fatigue for optimum engagement. 


With an average CTR of 1.44%, Nextdoor’s conversion rates were higher than the average OnTheMarket was seeing across other partners they were working with. Furthermore, Nextdoor outperformed all of OnTheMarket’s benchmarks for valuation activity between May and June across all channels. Nextdoor’s conversion rate was 18% higher for Instant Valuation and 29% higher for Agent Valuation than OnTheMarket’s average benchmark.

"We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Nextdoor and are impressed by the results delivered for OnTheMarket. Nextdoor have provided superb support from the first day for a smooth campaign launch."

- Semetrical, on behalf of OnTheMarket