Philo signed up new users on Nextdoor


With 100% of Nextdoor neighbors subscribed to one or more streaming services1 and more than 1/4 of Nextdoor neighbors spending 2+ hours a day streaming TV2, Nextdoor was primed to partner with Philo to sign up new users for their live television and subscription services. As of January 2022, Philo started partnering with Nextdoor to promote their Live TV and On Demand streaming services to Nextdoor neighbors, offering neighbors a one-stop spot to watch hit shows, as well as an unlimited DVR to save as much as they want for a whole year.


With Nextdoor uniquely positioned to reach avid TV watchers, Philo partnered with Nextdoor to reach neighbors, drive awareness of their services and sign up new users. Using Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor Newsfeed, Philo promoted their services to Nextdoor neighbors. The brand rotated different lifestyle creative to engage and entice neighbors across the country.


Philo’s Sponsored Posts on Nextdoor drove significant lift across all metrics. CTR-based engagement amongst lower income brackets out-performed the higher income brackets, while engagement amongst suburban populations out-performed rural and urban populations. May resulted in the highest number of conversions and the lowest CPA. Additionally, the “How did you hear about us?” post-purchase survey resulted in a high volume of sign-ups for Philo, with the data showing that a significant number of neighbors selected Nextdoor when completing the survey, further proving that Nextdoor was a high performing platform for Philo and had low cost associations.

"Working with Nextdoor allowed us to reach a new Philo audience through authentic and high impact ad placements. The Nextdoor audience is a great fit for Philo as it includes many recent movers and those looking to cut the cord. Utilizing Philo’s customer survey (How Did You Hear About Us?) to gauge an internal CPA, we scaled Nextdoor spend month over month and doubled initial test campaign spend. We’re looking forward to continued success as we prepare for Q4!"

Christine Hoang

Growth Marketing Lead


1GWI USA, Q1 2021-Q4 2021

2GWI Core, Q2 2021 - Q1 2022