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Retired teacher turned electrician grows business with Nextdoor Ads

Bill Evans of Clayton, North Carolina was a technology and engineering high school teacher for 32 years before retiring in 2016. But that post-career break did not last long. It had only been two weeks before Bill realized retirement wasn’t for him. That realization led him to explore different trades, but he eventually landed on becoming an electrician. Bill received his license and formed his residential electrical business, Flowing Current Electric.


With a new business under his belt and a preference to work close to home, Bill looked for ways to keep his service calls nearby. That’s when he turned to Nextdoor. With the help of Nextdoor Ads, his business took off among a highly-engaged, local customer base. 

“Nextdoor has helped me grow my business exponentially and about 50 to 60% of my customers are through Nextdoor.”

Staying in the neighborhood

Bill first learned of Nextdoor through his wife who was active as a neighbor. After seeing first-hand the value of local connections and the ability to interact with those in his community, Bill decided to claim his Business Page and use Nextdoor for his business. 

Flowing Current Electric’s Business Page

Staying close to home was important. Bill says Nextdoor not only provided a way to hone his customer base and find work nearby, but it also provided a very friendly and personable way to reach new customers. Bill says one of the reasons he prefers using Nextdoor to advertise is because it helps him feel like he’s giving back to his community. 

“With Nextdoor, your neighbors are your customers. You really feel as if you’re helping the neighborhood with the services you’re providing.”

Growing the business with Nextdoor Ads

Bill says he’s as busy as he wants to be. With Nextdoor Ads, he has the ability to stay local. This in turn allows him to see more customers a week. Right now, he services an average of up to three customers a day. Of those customers, two are from Nextdoor. 

“Nextdoor puts neighbors in front of nearby businesses. I’ve tried other platforms but they’re too big and too broad. I don’t feel that personal attachment to the customers that I do with Nextdoor… I find allowing neighbors to recommend you and tell others about your service is a really nice touch.”

The ease of using Nextdoor Ads also frees up Bill’s time so he can focus on what matters — serving his customers. 

“I made my ad and I let it go — and it went! My neighbor said, “Hey I saw you on Nextdoor!” and I was happy so I haven’t touched it since. I’ve been so busy that I really don’t have time for that [ad management] … I made it once, it worked, and I left it alone.”

Bill’s tips for success on Nextdoor

While Bill has found success with Nextdoor Ads, he also shared other successful tips he’s found while growing his business on Nextdoor. 

  1. Check-in daily: There are opportunities to get your face out in the neighborhood just by monitoring the conversations on Nextdoor. Sometimes your business will be mentioned in a post. It’s important to engage and respond. If you have a neighbor account, you’ll also be able to see what’s top of mind for neighbors and that may present opportunities for you to introduce yourself and your services. 

  2. Respond to recommendations: When a neighbor leaves you a recommendation, your response goes a long way. This acknowledges their kind words and their time, which helps facilitate engagement and builds your reputation. Be friendly and courteous in your response.

  3. Share your work: When you finish a job, share photos and describe what you did as if you’re taking people on the job with you. This not only makes you approachable it also validates your work and gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Grow your business locally with Nextdoor Ads

Nextdoor Ads is an easy way to grow your business locally and reach new, potential customers. If you’re ready to start advertising your business, claim your Business Page and create an ad today.


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