Siete Foods Drove Awareness of Their Delicious Grain-Free Products with Sponsored Posts


Average CTR


Siete Foods is a family-created, Mexican-American food brand that makes delicious, grain-free products. They were looking to build awareness of their Grain Free Tortilla Chips at participating Target and Kroger retailers.  


Siete Foods partnered with Nextdoor, where all members have verified addresses, to target households using Sponsored Posts. With help from the Nextdoor team, Siete Foods refined targeting at the zip code level so their Sponsored Posts would reach members living near participating retailers. Using Nextdoor's dynamic localization tool, the brand personalized their creative to feature each city's name whenever it appeared. Siete Foods' Sponsored Posts further stood out to Nextdoor members with product-focused images, compelling copy, and an engaging CTA that encouraged neighbors to visit their local Target or Kroger store to purchase the tortilla chips. 

Siete Foods also layered on third-party audience targeting to reach healthy eaters, a segment more likely to consider the benefits of their diet-conscious, grain-free chips, and rotated both static and dynamic Sponsored Posts to test engagement. 


Siete Foods' Sponsored Post campaign saw strong engagement with Nextdoor members with CTR performing above vertical benchmarks at an average of 0.38%

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