Remarkable People

The Remarkable People Podcast Found New Listeners on Nextdoor


Average CTR


Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People podcast features interviews with thought leaders, legends, and iconoclasts sharing how they've overcome the extraordinary challenges they've faced in life. Guests include: Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood, Martha Stewart, Woz, and Bob Cialdini. 



Guy Kawasaki wanted to share these inspirational conversations and drive awareness of his podcast with new listeners. 


Guy Kawasaki partnered with Nextdoor to introduce verified neighbors to the podcast and turn them into Remarkable listeners. Sponsored Posts were targeted to major DMAs to maximize reach and drive awareness of the podcast. Multiple creatives were rotated, featuring different podcast guests paired with inspirational copy to pique neighbors’ interest. A compelling CTA encouraged members to hear more and clicked directly through to the Apple podcast page where they could start listening.


The Remarkable People Sponsored Posts campaign saw strong engagement with Nextdoor neighbors and adoption of new listeners, with CTR performing above vertical benchmarks at an average of 0.46%.