UpNest levels up home selling for neighbors through Nextdoor


CTR above benchmark


below CPC goals


below CPA goals


UpNest focuses on helping homeowners sell their homes easily and simply. With its online marketplace, it connects home sellers and buyers with top-ranked local agents to inform and complete the process. To grow their base of buyers and sellers, UpNest connected with Nextdoor to drive sign-ups from neighbors.


UpNest partnered with Nextdoor, scaling localized messages to neighbors. Using Nextdoor’s localization tool, UpNest was able to substitute the city name and craft information specific to that market. In addition, they were able to leverage Nextdoor’s real estate intenders segment to further create efficiencies in their targeting and cost per lead.

For more information on UpNest please visit their website.

"Nextdoor is the perfect fit for our product. It boasts a high-quality, high-intent audience of homeowners looking to learn more about home selling."