Yorkshire Building Society engaged with neighbors in the UK to drive awareness of its individual savings accounts




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Given that 72% of neighbors in the UK say being financially secure is important to them1, Nextdoor offered Yorkshire Building Society - the third largest building society in the UK - a unique environment to reach consumers. The brand engaged with Nextdoor's high-intent audience of real people looking to get things done, encouraging them to save by signing up for an ISA. 


Yorkshire Building Society leveraged both Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed as well as In App Digest, which provides a summary of the top posts from a neighbor’s newsfeed, accessible in-app only. The brand rotated lifestyle creative in the newsfeed to minimize ad fatigue and increase engagement. 

We targeted both mobile and desktop users to ensure that that the brand was able to reach neighbors across multiple devices, ultimately providing us providing a more robust set of data and insights.


The creative resonated well with Nextdoor’s audience, performing in line with Nextdoor's CTR benchmarks for the finance vertical. The In App Digest creative performed exceptionally well, resulting in a CTR that was 10% above Nextdoor's benchmarks. 

Female neighbours in particular drove a stronger performance than males, with a 14% higher CTR. The weekend saw the highest engagement with a CTR of 0.49%, while neighbours who were served the ad on Tuesdays were more likely to engage with the campaign, perhaps making considerations after the first working day of the week. Moreover, the creative and message resonated across both age groups (30-44 and 45-59) with a slight uplift in the 45-59 age group.  




"In our ISA campaign, we wanted to reach more users to help them build financial resilience and open discussions about savings. We decided to test Nextdoor in the delivery of our cash ISA campaign to their trusted network of users. This is a key season for us and it was fantastic to see that 70% of our campaigns have achieved results over the finance benchmark.

Through Nextdoor’s platform we have engaged a new audience who have an active interest in the economy and managing their finances/savings, they have responded positively to both our in app digest and newsfeed ads as our performance metrics demonstrates. We look forward to working closely with Nextdoor on future campaigns to continue building awareness of Yorkshire Building Society and our savings products."

Ryan Crawford

Head of Performance Marketing


GWI Core, UK, Q2 2022-Q1 2023