Oct 31, 2023 | 3 min read

Advertising Week New York Recap

This year, we hosted our first Nextdoor Neighbor Nook activation at Advertising Week New York, welcoming over 2,000 attendees into our neighborhood to see what all the buzz was about.

Interactive screens in our warm space introduced visitors to Nextdoor’s newest ad products and platform demos, highlighting unique solutions like Sponsored Posts, Treat Map and Neighborhood Faves.

And the only cookie pop-ups were real cookies that you could eat - we went through over 3,000 of them!


Key takeaways from Advertising Week New York

Throughout the week, we also had the chance to attend a variety of inspiring keynotes and insightful panels discussing the latest trends in digital marketing, advertising trends, and innovation in the space.

The rapid digitization of retail and advertising, combined with the evolutionary leaps in artificial intelligence, is reshaping the way we market and consume products. As a result, it's crucial that brands and advertisers rethink their strategies to stay ahead of these trends.

Here are our top takeaways from and practical takeaways to help guide you heading into 2024:

#1- Retail Media

The shift to digital, programmatic in-store advertising demands a paradigm shift in our thinking. Advertisers and marketers need to fully embrace the technological advancements at their disposal, leveraging data and analytics to create personalized, targeted, and impactful ads.

  • Advertising Strategy: In-store ads are becoming more dynamic and interactive. Use insights from Nextdoor's community and similar platforms to understand local trends and preferences. Tweak your messaging accordingly to drive engagement and ultimately sales.
  • Measurement Standards: Collaborate with peers and industry leaders to define effective measurement standards for in-store digital advertising. Find ways to calculate ROI that reflect the new complexities of the digital landscape.

#2- Artificial Intelligence in advertising

As generative AI revolutionizes the advertising landscape, it's crucial that we unlock its potential for enhancing customer experience, personalizing content, and transforming creative development.

  • Embrace AI: Utilize AI to deliver personalized experiences and content to your audience. For instance, analyze usage patterns on Nextdoor to provide users with relevant suggestions, strengthening the sense of utility.
  • Invest in Innovation: Aim to stay at the forefront of AI advancements. Investing in AI-based technology and talent can give your brand a competitive edge while fostering innovative thinking within your organization.

#3- Measurement

With consumers navigating between various screens and platforms, capturing their attention and retaining their engagement presents a formidable challenge. Brands need to enhance their ability to measure impacts accurately and holistically.

  • Relevance is Key: Use unique insights from platforms like Nextdoor to understand what your consumers value. Engage with your audience in meaningful ways and work towards building a lasting connection.
  • Evolve Your Metrics: Transform how you measure success. Look beyond conventional metrics to gauge the impact of your campaigns. Consider qualitative aspects such as community sentiment, brand loyalty, and the strength of local connections.

Make your company feel like home for customers

By understanding and aligning with these emerging trends, advertisers and marketers can position their brands to thrive in the evolving landscape. The key lies in recognizing that the future of advertising is localized, personalized, and deeply integrated with communities. And Nextdoor stands as a testament to that future.

To learn more about how your business can convert neighbors into customers contact us to get started. We hope to see you in our neighborhood soon.

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