Nov 13, 2023 | 2 min read

Announcing Hightouch’s connection to Nextdoor’s Conversion API

Power Nextdoor’s Conversion API with all of your company’s data to improve attribution and advertising strategies.

We’re excited to announce Hightouch’s partnership with Nextdoor: our first partner integration in our recently launched Conversion API!

Nextdoor’s Conversion API (CAPI) allows advertisers to update Nextdoor with key events that users take, offline or online, helping improve advertising attribution and campaign performance. 

Hightouch allows companies to sync their data to Nextdoor’s CAPI from their data storage, such as a data warehouse, automatically and easily. 

The benefits of this partnership? This means that companies can automatically keep Nextdoor’s CAPI up-to-date with their new data gathered from any source (including in-store transactions), as well as unify the data they sync to additional advertising and analytics products in their toolkits. 

How it Works



Within Hightouch, you can sync data to Nextdoor along with other destinations, like Google Ad Manager, Meta, and more. 

To get started, connect your data source and then define the models you want to sync to Nextdoor. You can build models with tools like SQL, dbt, or Hightouch’s code-free visual audience builder. You can also set syncs to more than 200 destinations on a one-time or recurring basis, so data stays fresh and up-to-date in every tool you use. 

For more information, read Hightouch’s documentation about Nextdoor.


Get Started

Nextdoor is available in the Destinations tab in Hightouch workspaces for all pricing plans. Reach out to Hightouch’s solutions engineers for a demo today to see how Hightouch can help your team activate your data into Nextdoor’s conversion API.

Interested in monitoring your campaign's performance on Nextdoor? Click here for more details on CAPI, pixel implementation, tracking and viewing reports.

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