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Better water together: Leaf Home & Nextdoor empower communities with clean, healthy water

Following the significant water crises in Flint, East Palestine, and Jackson, plus the onslaught of reports on microplastics and forever chemicals, the importance of clean, safe water has moved to the forefront of our collective awareness. In response, Leaf Home Water Solutions, a product of Leaf Home, has partnered with Nextdoor to launch the "Better Water Together" initiative, bridging the gap between individual needs and community wellness.

This collaborative effort aims to reach communities across the United States, offering invaluable resources and insights on water quality. Residents will gain access to:

  • Educational materials on common water contaminants

  • Practical tips for maintaining a clean water supply

  • Expert recommendations for choosing the right water filtration system

We aim to create a ripple effect that will benefit entire neighborhoods by empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to improve their water quality.

Water quality awareness

A recent study conducted by Leaf Home, reveals a significant contrast between Americans’ awareness about the safety of drinking water and their actual habits. With rising contamination levels and awareness of hard water issues, more people are turning to bottled water. The statistics are telling: nearly 70% of Americans now depend on bottled water—a significant jump of 20% since 2022.

The study also highlights the lack of awareness about the risks associated with Microplastics and PFAs (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) in our water supply.

  • Microplastics, tiny plastic particles invisible to the human eye, have been found in drinking water and are linked to adverse health outcomes, including reproductive issues and hormonal imbalances. 
  • PFAs, chemicals used in numerous consumer products, can seep into groundwater and have been linked to severe health conditions such as cancer, immune system disorders, and developmental delays.

Despite the data, 63% of American households have never had their water tested. This finding underscores the need for community-driven efforts to promote water testing and the adoption of eco-friendly water purification methods.

The universal importance of water

Water is fundamental to life, influencing everything from the food we prepare to the water we drink and bathe in. Yet, in various parts of the United States, our water can contain chemicals, microorganisms, and bacteria, which may pose potential health risks. 

Common contaminants in our water sources

  • Physical: This includes sediments or other organic material in the water of lakes, rivers, and streams through soil erosion.
  • Chemicals: Contaminants such as nitrogen, bleach, salts, pesticides, metals, toxins from animals, and human or animal drugs pollute our water.
  • Microbial: These bacteria, viruses, and parasites can cause severe digestive issues.

Leaf Home is at the forefront of addressing this issue, leveraging advanced engineering and dedicated efforts to enhance water quality. Our Leaf Home Water Solutions offerings provide neighbors with cleaner, healthier, and purified water.

Knowledge is power

Understanding water purification technology can empower individuals. Given that 66% of Americans want to know more about their home water's quality and safety, knowledge of RO/STO systems can highlight their health advantages.

  • Reverse osmosis systems (RO): These systems are revered for efficiency. They use a multi-stage filtration process, significantly reducing impurities and mitigating the effects of hard water.
  • Water softener + carbon filtration (STO): This dual approach softens water while removing contaminants, offering a comprehensive solution to improve water quality.

These systems contribute to a healthier lifestyle and offer a sustainable approach to addressing water quality issues.

Join the "Better Water Together" initiative

The "Better Water Together" initiative is dedicated to raising awareness about water quality issues and promoting solutions for cleaner water. Our goal is to equip communities with the knowledge and tools for cleaner water, contributing to a healthier future for everyone.

This April, every weekend brings an opportunity for free water testing provided by Leaf Home Water Solutions and Nextdoor. We're hosting events in select U.S. cities, offering free on-site and in-home water tests. 

Attendees will also find valuable resources and education on water purification technologies. Our experts will be available to talk about the contaminants in your water and how to secure clean water for your household.

Upcoming "Better Water Together" Events:

Engage with the "Better Water Together" movement by attending our live events or requesting a self-testing water kit for qualifying locations at the links below:

We encourage community members to share their test results on the Nextdoor App to enhance awareness about local water conditions. You will also be entered into a drawing to win a free water purification system. In each city, one lucky winner will receive an RO/STO combo system and can select three neighbors within a mile to receive a free system.

The power of partnership: Leaf Home and Nextdoor

The quest for cleaner, safer drinking water is a shared responsibility that impacts us all. Engaging with the "Better Water Together" campaign, you're not just advocating for your health; you're championing the well-being of your entire community.

We invite you to participate by testing your water, connecting with your community on Nextdoor, and sharing your personal stories with the hashtag #BetterWaterTogether. Together, we can raise awareness, educate our neighbors, and ensure that clean water is accessible for everyone.

For more information on how you can join the "Better Water Together" initiative, visit Leaf Home Water Solutions. Let's make better water a reality together.

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