May 6, 2024 | 5 min read

Boost by Lone Wolf and Nextdoor partner to extend the reach of the real estate market in local neighborhoods

Michelle Amos | Michelle Amos

Nextdoor is thrilled to announce a partnership with Boost by Lone Wolf: A powerful digital marketing platform specifically built for the real estate industry. 

Lone Wolf integrated with the Nextdoor Ads API in order to empower individual real estate agents and companies to quickly and easily extend their campaigns onto Nextdoor. With 90 million active users on Nextdoor1 and 77% being homeowners1, this provides a ripe and natural opportunity to connect with meaningful high-value neighbors in local communities.

Nextdoor’s Ads API & Boost by Lone Wolf

Nextdoor has a strong concentration of influential and action-oriented neighbors across the United States. We’re in 1 in 3 US households1, and over 90% of our users are household purchasers and decision makers1. Businesses can have confidence that they’re reaching a unique and important audience on Nextdoor, in a hyperlocal and scalable way.

Additionally, our platform is a natural destination for people who are planning to move or just moved, to find local and trusted professional services, learn about their new community, and connect with others near them. Neighbors discuss moving year-round on Nextdoor, with over 5 million moving-related mentions in the past year2. From a recent survey, 32% of people on Nextdoor are more likely to put their home up for sale3 and 14% are more likely to complete the sale of their home3.

We’re excited to extend the influence and reach of our platform to the real estate industry, in partnership with Boost by Lone Wolf. Boost empowers real estate professionals to promote their listings and brand, which generates more leads by connecting the MLS directly to digital marketing solutions. 

Boost’s technology automatically pulls the most important information from MLS listings into compelling ad copy and creative, so agents can launch campaigns in just a few clicks. They also leverage smart targeting to optimize ad delivery to the right audience, and seamlessly send new leads directly to agents’ pre-existing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

With the Nextdoor Ads API connection to Boost, real estate professionals will be able to easily extend Boost ad campaigns onto Nextdoor to increase their audience reach and add to their media mix. 

Stephen Shivers, Director of Product at Lone Wolf said: “Boost by Lone Wolf simplifies digital advertising for real estate agents, facilitating effective outreach to both buyers and sellers. Through Boost’s integration with Nextdoor's API, the agent’s listing ads are showcased to the hyperlocal Nextdoor community, ensuring that homeowners within the local market witness their marketing efforts firsthand. We’re proud to be the only solution offering Nextdoor as a channel for real estate advertising.” 

How Nextdoor’s Ads API works on Boost

Available now, real estate professionals using Boost by Lone Wolf can activate the Nextdoor channel through their ad creation flow, shown below. They can preview their Nextdoor display ad, customize delivery and ad creatives, launch and monitor ad performance all within their Boost dashboard.

New customers can learn more and start running ads through Boost here

We’re excited to see how this strategic partnership will supercharge the real estate industry and connect neighbors with important local information.

Want to learn more about Nextdoor’s Ads API? Explore solutions on our Nextdoor Developer site.



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Author image Michelle Amos Nextdoor's Product Marketing Manager, Michelle manages go-to-market initiatives for Nextdoor’s ad formats and developer API products. Previously, Michelle worked on Twitter’s SMB business for 3 years and started her career in content marketing.