Apr 14, 2023 | 2 min read

Help Neighbors Celebrate Earth Day This April

On April 22, neighbors all over the world will be celebrating Earth Day — a day to reflect on the importance of our planet and how necessary it is to protect it. Our latest survey explores topics on sustainability, the community and how neighbors feel about brands’ role in taking action on building a more sustainable world.

All across the US, Nextdoor neighbors talk about, plan, prep and take action around environmentalism and sustainability. Reach neighbors already in an active mindset by advertising your brand or product in the newsfeed or partnering with Nextdoor on custom content for your brand related to Earth Day conversations happening on the platform.

According to our survey:

Neighbors recognize the importance of sustainability efforts in their community

  • 88% agree helping the environment is important to their community
  • 77% believe the public should be concerned about climate change

Doing their part to support sustainability makes neighbors happier

  • 85% of neighbors say doing a sustainable action in their everyday life makes them feel good (ex. recycling, donating goods, etc.)

Neighbors care about supporting sustainability, but need more help on how they can get involved

  • 63% of neighbors strongly agree the environment is important to them, but only 20% consider themselves very informed about the opportunities to help in their community
  • Neighbors in large cities in particular, strongly agree on the importance of the environment significantly more than rural area neighbors. And doing a good deed for sustainability makes them feel good significantly more. This suggests the necessity of helping the environment is more top-of-mind in urban areas

The local community plays a big part in sustainability efforts

  • 66% of neighbors get information about opportunities/events for community sustainability efforts on Nextdoor
  • 65% of neighbors consider the local community in the top 3 most impactful in supporting sustainability efforts today - ahead of corporations (60%) and national governments (41%)

Neighbors hold brands accountable for getting involved

  • 85% believe brands need to be transparent about their impact on the world/environment
  • 81% say it’s important for brands to make pledges to be more sustainable
  • 77% prefer to buy from brands that value sustainability
  • 73% of neighbors agree it’s important for brands to be active in the local community
  • 68% of neighbors would be willing to stop using/supporting a brand if they do not take sustainability/social issues seriously

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*Source: Nextdoor survey 04/2023

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