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The ultimate nail salon business plan

How to write a nail salon business plan

Opening your own nail salon requires planning as polished as the signature mani-pedis you’ll eventually offer. Before you’re ready to open your doors to buff neighbors’ nails, here’s your guide to creating your nail salon business plan.


#1 Company overview

Think of your business plan like your roadmap for success, helping you consider what you need to start a business, outlining key elements and challenges, and focusing you in the right direction. 

Start by outlining the basics in your company overview. It may be easier to write this part last or revisit it as you flesh out other sections. For some, you may only be able to summarize after you’ve reviewed those other working pieces of your business plan.

In this section, include:

An executive summary: Your overall business idea, from top to bottom, with value propositions, your mission, and clear goals.

Business description: This includes what your business does, why, and what makes it special in your area. You might also provide background about yourself and any other owners.

History: Share your origin story, including experience in the industry and your journey to opening. Be succinct but give you and your business credibility.

Mission: Put your brand values in action with your mission to share not just what you do but why you do it, whether your nail salon is committed to ethical practices, exceptional customer service, sustainability, or the latest nail trends. 

H&E Paint Bar, a nail salon in Portland, Maine, outlines what’s important to their brand on their “About Us” page:

  • Offering a range of designs from different skilled artists
  • Providing a comfortable atmosphere with complimentary mimosas, wine, coffee, and tea 
  • Including an option for eco-conscious customers with an organic, cruelty-free line of polishes

Your mission statement isn’t just for your business plan; share it with customers in your story on your Nextdoor Business Page and on your website.

Key team members

Neighbors will want to know you, the nail technicians, and everyone who works at your nail salon. Important in your business plan and beyond, introduce them with short bios on your website or in posts on Nextdoor highlighting their experience, areas of expertise, and any notable accomplishments and awards. 

Services outline

From express manicures to deluxe spa pedicures, use this section to highlight what you offer at your beauty salon. You can focus exclusively on nails or expand your salon services to include other treatments such as waxing, eyelash extensions, or facials. While your services may change over time, use this initial outline to build onto. 


#2 Market analysis

This section of your business plan requires research on the current state of the nail and beauty industry. Explore new trends, gain insight into how the industry may be expected to grow or change, and learn about the local market. Include:

  • Your target audience and details regarding ideal client personas:
    • Age
    • Occupation
    • Income level
    • Interests 
    • Lifestyle 
  • An overview of your primary competitors:
    • Their strengths and weaknesses
    • Service offerings
    • Social media
    • Pricing 
    • Client reviews and local reputation


#3 Marketing plan

Decide which channels you’ll reach your target audience and generate new leads using. Your marketing strategy will evolve as you learn what works, but you can shape your initial plan around your client personas and the following tactics:

  • Traditional offline marketing, like flyers and print advertising 
  • Outbound marketing (approaching your target market directly) or inbound marketing (finding creative ways to bring clients to you)
  • Digital marketing that reaches new clients through search engines, your website, email, and social media with platforms like Nextdoor
  • Relationship marketing that focuses on long-term brand loyalty and building meaningful relationships with new and returning clients  
  • Content marketing that increases brand awareness through blogs, videos, on social media 


#4 Operations plan 

Consider how your nail salon will run smoothly on a day-to-day basis as well as how it will sustain itself over the course of the next few years. In addition to sorting through specific salon procedures, include company goals, objectives, and how you’ll measure success over time. 


#5 Financial projections 

Go into detail about your expenses and projected earnings. Even if you don’t need investment to start your salon, use this section to help plan out your financial future so that you’re prepared for even unexpected expenses. Standard financial projections should include:

  • A sales forecast
  • A cash flow projection
  • A balance sheet
  • A profit and loss statement
  • An expenses budget

For your budget, factor in costs for:

  • Staff payroll
  • Business insurance
  • Any licensing, certifications, or permits needed
  • Salon-specific equipment
  • Salon space needs, such as construction costs or monthly lease 


Benefits of having a business plan

Your nail salon business plan will help set your business up for success, helping you:

  • Gain structural clarity – Going through the process of writing a business plan will help you gain certainty about your mission and how you intend to work towards it. 
  • Appeal to new employees – To build your team, you’ll want any new employees to see and understand your mission. Familiarize new hires with your values and business plan as part of the onboarding process. 
  • Collect market insights – Use the exercise of creating your nail salon business plan to gain a better understanding of the industry and local market. This will also help you strategize marketing efforts and how to tap into your competitive advantages. 
  • Track your success – Whether you’re writing a business plan for the first time or revisiting yours, use it as a way to monitor your progress. Clearly outline company goals and refer back to the document for quarterly check-ins to check progress and tweak strategy. 


Build your local nail salon business with Nextdoor

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