Mar 6, 2023 | 1 min read

Help Support Neighbors' Sustainability Efforts this Earth Month

On April 22, neighbors all over the world will be celebrating Earth Day — a day to reflect on  the importance of our planet and how necessary it is to protect it. By celebrating Earth Day, neighbors have an opportunity to remember and reflect on the benefits of healthy, sustainable living practices.

While we might not be able to single-handedly stop climate change, we can make conscious efforts to take better care of the environment, especially when it comes to what we buy. Neighbors’ eco-friendly practices can have a direct impact on their community.

All across the US, Nextdoor neighbors talk about, plan, prep and take action around Earth Month and sustainability. Reach neighbors already in an active mindset by advertising your brand or product in the newsfeed or partnering with Nextdoor on custom content for your brand related to Earth Month conversations happening on the platform. 

Support neighbors as they get ready for Earth Month with some ideas below:

  • Ask neighbors to nominate a community in need of a clean up; Together, your brand, Nextdoor and neighborhood volunteers will come together for a day of service
  • Hit the road with a tour via a branded truck that will drive to selected spots within identified DMAs to spread awareness around sustainability
  • Create long-lasting and social media worthy art installation
  • Sponsor an energy saving challenge 

Learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbors into customers here:


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