Dec 17, 2020 | 5 min read

Nextdoor Insights Series #4: 2020 brought us home

This year has been a bumpy road. One constant has been home. Some never left, some moved and came back. Through it all, we have cared for our homes. Homes are our neighborhoods. Loved ones. Neighbors.

Neighbors stay close when we need them most — for quick help with errands or emotional support as stress and depression continue to rise. As we close out 2020, we share how neighbors are caring about their homes — and each other — this holiday season. Find the full report here.

Series Highlights:

Moving surged, but many neighbors have been at home for years. 28% of members have lived in their neighborhood for 20+ years. That being said it has been a year of moving. A recent Nextdoor poll reveals nearly 1/4 of neighbors have moved permanently in 2020.

Moving surged

Your neighborhood connections keep you healthy. Knowing as few as six neighbors reduces the likelihood of loneliness and makes you 40.3% less likely to have financial worries compared with those who know five or less neighbors.


Neighbor connections

Neighbors have turned to shared interest groups, especially around plants and pets, to feel connected during this time of social distancing.


Neighbors connected through shared interests

Brands helped to keep holidays like Halloween going - even if with modifications. They also created moments to celebrate each other by highlighting close-by neighbor stories.


Home and our surroundings are more important than ever. As we close out 2020 let’s make sure to connect with our neighbors in 2021. We can make sure to continue to support local businesses, get involved in brand campaigns like H&R Block’s Make Every Block Better or participate in Nextdoor’s #KINDchallenge.


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Source: Polls and internal Nextdoor data from 2020



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