May 10, 2023 | 2 min read

Neighbors' Summer Travel Plans

With inflationary pressures easing, this summer looks to be the biggest for the travel industry in some time. Our latest study explores how Nextdoor neighbors plan to travel over the next few months as well as the most influential factors driving their decisions. 

Neighbors plan on traveling this summer

  • Over half of Neighbors are traveling this summer and 35% will go on multiple trips
  • 5 out of 10 Neighbors traveling this summer booked their accommodations between January and March, with the booking window taking less than a week for about half
  • Plenty of bookings are still up for grabs with ⅓ of these travelers having not yet booked any accommodations 
  • Among those planning to travel, ⅓ will take 3 or more trips

Neighbors are still spending on summer travel 

  • ⅔ of Neighbors plan on booking their accommodations directly through the provider
  • The vast majority of budgets (90%) are either higher or the same in comparison to last summer’s
  • About 2 in 5 Neighbors will use a travel credit card or loyalty reward points to purchase their accommodations
Road trips continue to be the most popular travel activity  
  • 70% of Neighbors plan on taking road trips
  • Compared to the holiday season, Neighbors are much more likely to use home sharing, travel internationally, or go on a cruise
  • Las Vegas and Seattle will welcome the most Neighbors this summer
  • Canada, Mexico and the UK will be visited the most by Neighbors traveling abroad
  • Neighbors are more likely to seek adventure and connect with nature during summer travels

Familiarity matters to Neighbors

  • The top factors that influence where Neighbors travel is familiarity with the destination and recommendations from friends/family 
  • The top motivation when deciding on a destination is to visit family/friends (60%), followed by seeking relaxation (56%) and adventure (33%)
  • Having amenities of a home is the top reason for choosing home sharing over hotels
  • However, a growing proportion of Neighbors are opting for home sharing due to their locations and so they can bring their pets  
  • Neighbors will primarily travel with family members

The power of Nextdoor

  • 37% of Neighbors’ travel destinations were influenced by social media or online ads
  • Nearly 1/5 of Neighbors seek out travel recommendations on Nextdoor 


Source: Nextdoor Survey (04/2023)

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