Apr 4, 2024 | 2 min read

Supercharging local advertising: Taradel & Nextdoor partnership

We are excited to announce one of our first advertising API partnerships with Taradel: A robust all-in-one multi-channel marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. 

With their integration of our new Nextdoor Ads API, advertisers using the Taradel platform can quickly and easily extend their digital ad campaigns to Nextdoor and reach 1 in 3 households of high-intent and action-oriented neighbors across the United States. 

Nextdoor’s Ads API & Taradel

At Nextdoor, we help organizations of all kinds play a more active role in their local communities. Our network of engaged neighbors empower businesses to reach the right audience, build meaningful connections, and drive growth locally. 

Our new Ads Manager platform enables advertisers to launch their own self-serve campaigns. And with our Ads API, partners like Taradel can automate ads management to improve scale, efficiency, and measurement.

Taradel offers an integrated marketing platform for advertisers to build, launch, and measure their marketing campaigns. With nearly 20 years of experience and over 20,000 clients, their solutions are well-known for simplicity and effectiveness. 

Their personalized support helps brands go the extra mile, and we are proud to be among their channel offerings alongside Google Display, Meta, Spotify, Hulu, and custom solutions like Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). 

We’re excited to see how this strategic partnership will bring more local businesses into their everyday neighborhoods. 

How Nextdoor’s Ads API works on Taradel

Today, Taradel customers can activate the Nextdoor channel by selecting their geo-targeted market area, audience demographics,  and clicking “Nextdoor Ads” from the list of channels offered. 

One pro tip Taradel provides advertisers: combining direct mail and digital ads has shown to create a +38% average lift in response rate!*


Free custom design services and campaign performance

Our partnership also includes free custom design services through Taradel, which brands can activate to create more high-impact media to run in their local Nextdoor feeds. 

In addition, advertisers can also seamlessly track reach, impressions, clicks, CTR, and engagement metrics all in one place from their Taradel dashboard. 

Taradel’s integrated solution is now available to all advertisers in the United States - Get started today!

Want to learn more about Nextdoor’s Ads API? Explore solutions on our Nextdoor Developer site.

*Source: Marketing Campaigns with Integrated Direct Mail and Display Ads Study. Taradel LLC, Canada Post Corporation, Google.

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Author image Michelle Amos Nextdoor's Product Marketing Manager, Michelle manages go-to-market initiatives for Nextdoor’s ad formats and developer API products. Previously, Michelle worked on Twitter’s SMB business for 3 years and started her career in content marketing.