Aug 4, 2023 | 1 min read

1 in 4 Nextdoor neighbors care strongly about veteran causes

Nextdoor has more than 1,100 active military + veteran groups where military members and veterans can connect to give and get recommendations for everything from military benefits, to healthcare, housing, and everything in between that uniquely impacts these communities.

With Nextdoor's ability to create a custom audience to target members of these groups, we have the expertise & capabilities to help reach your target audience. Nextdoor is the only platform to create meaningful local customization at national scale and driving local offline action. Your brand can geotarget as granularly as zip codes near military bases across the country. By utilizing our dynamic localization tool, you can dynamically insert the neighborhood or city into a single creative, allowing you to target 5,000+ military bases with a single creative while making it feel local and personal.  

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 10.17.49 AMNextdoor is home to a passionate community of veterans and their family members. 24% of neighbors care strongly about veteran causes and 17% of neighbors have someone in their family/ household who is a veteran (26% more likely than the general population). 

Veterans and their family members are active Nextdoor users, with military families 26% more likely than the general population to use Nextdoor at least monthly. 

For additional insights on veterans, visit our Insights Hub and learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbors into customers here:  


Sources: Nextdoor internal data (Dec 2021 - July 2023), GWI USA (Q1 2023)

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