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8 Ways to use Nextdoor Business Posts to drive engagement

88% of neighbors on Nextdoor shop at a local business at least once a week and 44% say they are likely to spend more at a local establishment. This is an important crowd to attract if you want to be their go-to business. Nextdoor can help.

With free business posting, you can reach and communicate directly with nearby customers. Your posts will show up in the newsfeed - the most visited part of Nextdoor - where neighbors can comment and react to engage with your business.

Need some inspiration as to what to share? Keep reading. After reviewing over a year’s worth of Business Posts from real businesses, our team put together a list of top insights and best practices to help you create engaging posts that build customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Create a Business Post

#1 Share important announcements 

When you need to let neighbors know about important changes or announcements, Business Posts are a great way to get the word out. Whether you’re opening a new location, switching up your hours, or changing your products or services, use Business Posts to make sure neighbors are up-to-date on what’s happening at your business. 

Introduce your new business, and yourself

Not only did the owners of this new pizza joint introduce their business, but they also introduced themselves. This works because it makes the post more personal (more on this later). As a bonus, it doesn’t hurt to invite neighbors to an in-person meeting and offer free food.

Max’s Invitation. Good morning! We are Dani and Max - the new owners of Maximilian’s Pizza at Quincy and Picadilly. Making great pizza and sharing the experience with our community is a dream come true for us. We haven't had the chance to personally meet members of this Nextdoor community, but we understand that conversation has been circulating about us already. We invite you to come  sit with us over pizza on Tuesday, October 20th so we can listen to community goals and concerns. We will provide delicious pizza and drinks while we get to know each other. Due to social distancing, we are only allowed to have up to 12 people in our lobby, but we would love to meet as many people as we can. Come out between the hours of 7-9 pm for pizza and conversation.

Share new updates, products, and offerings

This local brewery used their Business Posts to announce they were opening a rooftop patio. Not only did they get neighbors excited about the views they could soon enjoy while enjoying a beverage, but they also announced all the changes they’ve made at the brewery.

TIP: The more information you share, the better the engagement. 

 Lightcraft ROOFTOP PATIO coming soon... Hi Sheabors! We're so excited to announce that we have finally started construction on our rooftop patio, expect mountain views, dinner & cocktails. Completion is set for January-ish. If you haven't been to Lovecraft in a while, LOTS & LOTS have changed! We are now a full-service restaurant/bar (no more plastic silverware & ordering at the counter). Our food menu has expanded, we even have Prime Rib on the weekends. We also received our liquor license in the spring, so we have a full bar now.
If you have never been here are a few things to know about us:
- Locally Owned (Rebecca was the founder of 32 Shea)
- 130+ Craft Beers: 25 Taps / 100+ Cans
- Full Bar
- To-Go Bottle Shop: Pick-up to-go beer, wine, mead, cider & cocktails
- Cuisine: New Mexican w/ smoked meats.
- Smoked Meats: We smoke all our meats in-house (brisket, pork & chicken) and sell it all by-the-pound

This year we won Phoenix New Times BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR!
Of course, we couldn't have done this without you! :) Thank you all for the support and conversation.


#2 Showcase your expertise

When it comes to running a successful small business, it’s important to build customer trust. One way to do that is to showcase your expertise and let neighbors know why they should come to you as opposed to another business in your industry. Use your Business Posts to share your knowledge and let neighbors know they can turn to you. 

Highlight all your services and accreditations

In this Business Post example, Work Life Fit took the opportunity to not only introduce herself to neighbors, but she also gave them a reason to trust her. By making her certification known, she is establishing herself as a professional who knows her craft. 

 Hello from your local trainer! Hi everyone! My name is Natalia, and I've been on 74th Street since 2018. Happy to meet you all! I'm a fully certified, NASM-accredited personal trainer and nutrition coach, and I specialize in helping creative individuals get the bodies they want and need. Coming from a strong history in dance and martial arts, I offer: corrective exercise, nutrition coaching, mobility/flexibility, kickboxing, self-massage/recovery techniques, core-focused classes, and strength training. Sessions and classes are via Zoom and in-person with all safety precautions. Feel free to message me if you're interested!

Offer solutions to a problem

One way to grab the attention of neighbors and build your credibility is to offer a solution to a common problem. Here, Always Right Garage Door used his Business Posts to address loud or noisy garage doors and explained why that could be happening. Giving out nuggets of information will not only grab neighbors’ attention, but it also shows that you know what you are doing. Bonus points if you pair this with a compelling photo. 

 Is your Garage Door Heavy Or Noisy? These could be signs of an impending serious failure!! Preventive maintenance today could save you $100's of dollars. An annual garage door tune-up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety for the whole family and friends. Call today to schedule your preventive maintenance and safety check. I've seen some crazy stuff that could have been prevented to save customers an unnecessary expense. Save big bucks by calling or texting me to schedule up your appointment today...

Start conversations by asking questions related to your business

Part of building customer trust is opening up a line of conversation. Get more engagement on your Business Posts by asking a question related to your business. In this example, not only did empowerment coach Janelle Z ask neighbors what they are grateful for, she made it a point to respond to every single comment. 

 Gratitude. Today I am grateful for my new pillow, waking up with less neck pain. I am grateful that as much as I love the warm sun, I also love sweater weather and feeling bundled up and cozy. I am grateful for the beautiful sunsets in the winter. What are you grateful for?


Depending on the question you ask, use your responses as an opportunity to share your knowledge.

Pesker’s Pest Control does a great job of doing this. In the Business Post example below, not only was the photo attention-grabbing, the post immediately sparked interest by asking neighbors to identify the spider in the photo. 

TIP: Treat Business Posts like a conversation. When neighbors take the time to comment, respond as soon as possible. 

 What Spider is this? We get calls every day for folks who say they had a dangerous spider sighting. They are generally a bit hysterical and nervous they will get bit. Can you identify this spider? And is it venomous or non-venomous? Put your answer in the comments :)


#3 Leverage recommendations

Whether you share a customer testimonial to build social proof or recommend a product or service to let neighbors know first-hand about your business’s offerings, leveraging recommendations as content for your Business Posts is another way to drive engagement. 

Include customer testimonials

In this example, Easy Pharmacy used its Business Post to share a positive review. Since customer testimonials are a form of social proof and help build trust, they’re an easy and effective way to use your Business Post. Plus, Nextdoor neighbors value word-of-mouth and this kind of content. In fact, they’ve already shared over 55 million business recommendations. 

Neighbor praise! Thank you for the kind words as we launch our drive-through pickup service!
"Hands down best pharmacy you could ask for! I no longer have to get out to wait in line to fill my grandmother's medications, and the customer service is amazing." (Mary A.)
"This has been the best find for my family. My mom and her caregiver have a hard time walking so a drive-through is wonderful!" (Carolyn P.)
"Super easy to use. Fast and WAY cheaper than or any other place I've ever checked." (Bruce B.)

Recommend a product

Here is another Business Post example from Always Right Garage. This time, the business recommended a product and shared the benefits of purchasing it through them (the business provides a 2-year warranty). Since many customers look at product reviews before making a purchase or booking a service, recommending a product or service yourself helps take the legwork out. 

 Liftmaster Garage Door Openers. If you are in the market of buying a Garage Door Opener and not sure what brand to choose I can definitely recommend Liftmaster which is the best in the market, has been in business since 1967 so it is a very well know brand. We give you 2 years warranty through our company and a 4-year warranty on motor, 1-year parts and chain through Liftmaster. We have DC-powered Units with a smooth start so that you have a quiet unit and hardware lasts longer. Please call or text for any questions you might have.


#4 Be community-focused

When your business is focused on your neighborhood, local customers will notice. Connecting with your community, whether it’s other businesses or local organizations, not only increases brand awareness but helps you stay top of mind when neighbors are in need of your products or services. Use your Business Posts to show your commitment to the neighborhood.

Share your charitable contributions and community involvement

As a local business, supporting and giving back to local organizations is a win-win situation. Not only are you helping invest back into the community, but neighbors will also know that your business prioritizes those closest to you. In this example, Rumble & Roll, a children’s retail store, partnered with a local food bank to collect canned goods for the holiday season. They used their Business Post to get the word out and inspire their neighbors to make a contribution.

Let's make sure our community is taken care of. Rumble & Roll is partnering with the First Harvest Food Bank to collect food donations to help feed our community this Thanksgiving. For the next 3 weeks, stop by the shop and bring your canned and non-perishable food donations. You can also make a cash donation at checkout. The money will go towards First Harvest Food Bank's annual community Thanksgiving feast. Visit our website or come see us in person to learn more. 

Promote local products

While the owners of Olivia’s Corner Butcher Shop used a Business Post to announce their grand opening, they also took the opportunity to share how they invest in the community. In this post, they highlighted all of their local products. Since neighbors on Nextdoor are eager to support local, you’ll want to play that up when you have the opportunity.  

Opening soon! Hello neighbors,
We are very happy to announce that Great Falls will soon have a locally owned Butcher Shop to call their own. We will be offering quality locally sourced meats, seafood, cheese, charcuterie, fresh-baked bread, and various prepared foods made in-house daily. We anticipate opening in early April but will keep you informed as things develop. We could not be more excited about opening and look forward to becoming part of this wonderful community.
Olivia & Carl


Look out for your neighbors

Part of being community-focused is looking out for your neighbors. In this example, North Star Realty used their expertise in the real estate market to warn neighbors of a rental scam. Using their expert knowledge to alert neighbors of a potentially harmful situation helps establish the business as reputable and trustworthy. 

 Rental Scam. Please be careful! I'm an Anchorage area Realtor. I've had several homes I'm listing for sale only show up on different marketplaces for rent. This is a scam. Warning signs:
👉 The rent is suspiciously low.
👉 You can’t talk to the owner or rental manager on the phone. “Out of the country, in hospital, deaf" etc..
👉 Can’t view the inside but want you to wire deposit anyway.
👉 Tell you they are firing the Realtor that’s why it still shows for sale.
If you are unsure. Ask me to cross-check, I'm happy to help, I'm sick of seeing criminals getting away with this!


#5 Help neighbors get to know your business

As a small business owner, it’s your unique story that sets you apart from other businesses. Use your Business Posts to help neighbors understand what your business is all about - your values, why you started, and the people who help make your business run. 

Share your business story 

While you can always share your business story on your Business Page, introducing yourself on a post is another way to get the attention of more neighbors. In this example, the owner of Hayley’s Auto Repair shares the story behind the business and why she’s passionate about it. 

 What inspired me to become a small business owner. I inherited this business from my father who unfortunately passed away in 2016. I have enjoyed learning this business and getting to know all our customers. I love fixing our customers cars and I love that our customers absolutely love the work and customers service that we provide. These are not just customers they are my neighbors, my friends, my childs teachers, doctors, they are the community in which I live. I choose to still be in business because I love the fact that I am a women, I am a Veteran, and I am bringing great Auto Repair to the Magnolia Area. True affordable, Repairs done right and great customer service.I run a very transparent shop, great technicians and great service. I don't think I could ever go back to Corporate America....I absolutely love being a small business owner.


Introduce the people behind the scenes of your business

 It’s one thing for neighbors to know who you are and what your business offers, but it’s also important to introduce the people who work behind the scenes to keep your business going. Business Posts are a great way to do that. In this example, Sweet Pea Florals introduces neighbors to their star florist who is normally unseen in the back of the shop designing arrangements.

Meet the woman behind the scenes! You may know Sweet Pea Florals for our beautiful, locally sourced arrangements but you may not know our amazing florist who makes the arrangements possible.
We are so thrilled to introduce you to Barb, our star florist here at Sweet Pea. Barb has been with us since we opened our doors 10 years ago and works tirelessly to source flowers and greenery from local gardens. If you’ve ever given or received an arrangement from us, thank Barb!


#5 Embrace vulnerability and get personal

Part of helping your customers get to know is embracing vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to let neighbors get to know a more personal side of your business. With Business Posts, it’s easy to invite neighbors to be a part of the highs and lows of your business journey. 

Share your gratitude and ask for support, especially during tough times

 A simple thank you to your community goes a long way. Use your Business Posts to express your gratitude and let neighbors know how much you appreciate them. In the Business Post below, La Dolce Vita Eatery thanks its community of loyal customers for helping keep their business going during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Grazie mille! 🙏🙏🙏 To our community, we THANK YOU SO MUCH! We want to thank every one of you who has and continues to support us through these hard times. As we approach the holiday season, we have so much to be thankful for. We feel lucky and honored to serve you. Thank you very much for your love and support from the bottom of our hearts, you are keeping La Dolce Vita Eatery alive. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Come see us this holiday season.


When times are tough, it’s also okay to ask for support. Jay’s Neighborhood Kitchen did just that in the example below. 

It Takes A Village. Since I have been 15 years old, this is the only industry I have ever known. In all these years, restaurants have never gone thru such upheaval as we are right now. It is with this in mind that I want to express my deep appreciation for your continued support of John’s Place and your big hearts. As we transition into winter, please continue to support your hard working local restaurants through carry out and consider keeping Jay’s Neighborhood Kitchen on your consistent “Meal Ordering Plan". Other great options to support local restaurants include ordering wine or beer from us vs. your grocery store and buying gift cards to give away to those you love. These small incremental changes will have a great impact on the survival of your neighborhood restaurants, such as John’s Place.
Visit our Seasonal Market Stand which I created to spread joy, community and connection during these uncertain times. The Market will continue all Winter Long!


Share big milestones

When your business reaches a big milestone, invite neighbors to join the festivities and celebrate with you. Use your Business Posts to share your accomplishments and let neighbors join the festivities. After all, their support keeps your business going. In the post below, Cora’s Cantina let neighbors know it was the business’s 45th birthday. 

CORA’S CANTINA TURNS 45! How is that possible? April 1, 2021 marks 45 years since we took over a converted shoeshine space on Hill Heights and joined the South Bernal community. A lot has changed in those 45 years, but not the fact that we are happy to be part of the fabric of this wonderful community, and that we get to call many of you friends, colleagues, and family. We hope to feed you another 45 years more!


#7 Lean into seasonality

When thinking about how to use your Business Posts, always consider seasonality. When you share content related to topics that are already top-of-mind, you allow your business to be part of relevant conversations and show neighbors that your business is engaged and in tune with the current times.

Take a look at the following examples for ideas on how you can lean into seasonality with your Business Posts. 

Tap into seasonal or annual maintenance

Be the first business neighbors think of for all their seasonal and annual needs. Use your Business Posts to highlight your offerings and stay top-of-mind. In this example, Furry Friend Mobile Care promoted their annual vet visits and made it easy for customers to make an appointment by including their specific business information in the post. 

Only $95 for your yearly vet visit! Don’t forget to get the care your furry friend needs. Our yearly vet visit Includes all annual vaccines for dogs or cats and a free heartworm test for dogs. Let Furry Friend Mobile Care show you how easy and affordable a vet visit can be!
Skip the stress of a vet visit for you and your pets, and let us bring the vet to your door. Don’t wait – text us at (181) 222-1234 or send us a message to book an appointment today!


Promote seasonal products and services

Another way to lean into seasonality is to apply your products or services to what is relevant at the moment. In this Business Post example, Country to City Kitchen promoted their two different dinner rolls and mentioned how they would be perfect for neighbors’ Thanksgiving dinners. 

Homemade Dinner Rolls for Thanksgiving! Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like this year, let me bake you some of the best dinner rolls you've ever had. Order now for pickup Wednesday, November 25 (probably after noon).
- Grandma's Dinner Rolls (fluffy and sweet, with eggs, milk and sugar): $7/dozen for white, $8/dozen for wheat
- Sourdough Dinner Rolls (soft and chewy, sugar- and fat-free, vegan): $7/doz. for white, $8/doz. for wheat
I'll accept orders until 5pm Monday, November 23!


#8 Share incentives

Another way to keep neighbors engaged is to incentivize. Using your Business Post, share special marketing promotions like contests and giveaways to keep neighbors engaged.

Promote contests and giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get neighbors to engage with your Business Posts. There are several ways to approach this but the main components are to pick a giveaway prize and ask neighbors to take actions like liking or commenting on your posts for a chance to win. Wait until a future post to announce the winner to retain neighbors’ attention. In this example, Serene Bath & Spa asked neighbors to comment on her post for a one in five chance to win a 30-minute massage. 

We love our neighbors! Today we are showing gratitude by giving away vouchers for 30 min relaxation massage to 5 lucky neighbors! No purchase required.
For everyone that comments on our post, your name will be entered into the drawing. We will announce the winners on a future post. Drawing will take place on December 23rd!


Stay connected to the customers that matter most with Nextdoor

With Nextdoor Business Posts, it’s easy to stay connected to nearby customers. If you ever find yourself stumped on how to reach and engage with your neighbors, refer to the insights above. Following these best practices will help your business build customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. 

Start reaching your most valuable customers today and share a Business Post.

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