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Announcing Nextdoor’s new Insights Hub

Jun 1, 2022 • Insights • Written by Emma Mondolino, Head of Nextdoor Create

Today, Nextdoor is excited to announce the launch of our brand new Insights Hub, a destination for all of the latest neighborhood trends. The Insights Hub features all of our best findings from internal data, neighbor surveys and third party research partner GWI, including topics like the power of proximity when making purchase decisions, the influence of business and product recommendations from neighbors, the importance of making meaningful connections in neighbors’ community and what neighbors look for and expect from brands.

Neighbors come to Nextdoor for the utility and stay for the community. Our insights offer a comprehensive look at what’s currently trending in neighborhoods and amongst neighbors to help consumers and brands stay informed and make data-driven decisions. To capture these trends, we looked at internal data, polled Nextdoor neighbors about what matters most to them, and worked with third party research partners, including GWI. 

Our latest Insights report, Influence Through Neighbor Recommendations, recently launched this month with new data showing how important neighbor recommendations can be when it comes to making purchasing decisions. 

Some highlights from our recent report

    • Recommendations are powerful - Nextdoor users value neighbor recommendations, whether they live in a city (90%), a small town (89%), a suburb (89%), or a rural area (89%). 96% of neighbors have seen business recommendations on Nextdoor, and 72% say they have been influenced by one. 71% have shared one.
  • Majority rules – Nextdoor users in cities (90%), suburbs (89%), and rural areas (89%) say they value neighbor recommendations. 
  • Parental point of view – 78% of parents with children at home say they value neighbor recommendations. That number jumps to 89% for parents on Nextdoor.
  • Battle of the sexes – Women on Nextdoor are more likely to be influenced by neighbor recommendations for events & attractions, home & garden, and food & drink. Men are more likely to be influenced by neighbor recommendations for video games, travel, and personal finance. 
  • Home and safety – 72% are impacted by what their neighbors use when considering home security purchases. 

Read these and other Nextdoor insights here. For questions or future ideas for insights reach out to

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