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Neighborhood Favorites is Nextdoor’s annual award program that allows neighbors to recognize, recommend, and nominate their favorite local spots in and around their neighborhood. It is the only business awards program based on recommendations from real neighbors that live in the local community. This year's Neighborhood Favorites was sponsored by American Express as part of their "Let's Go Shop Small®" summer campaign, which encourages consumers to support the small business in their communities.


This initiative targeted locally-minded, enthusiastic neighbors across the country and encouraged them to nominate their favorite local businesses as a Neighborhood Favorite. Using localized  emails, newsfeed promo spots, and Sponsored Posts, American Express and Nextdoor encouraged neighbor participation for every stage of the program.

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Winning businesses across 25 categories including dining, retail, beauty, and more were included on the Neighborhood Favorites list in each neighborhood they were voted a favorite. Businesses received a digital media kit to help them spread the word and were awarded a winner's badge on Nextdoor.

Want to see the winners in your area? Check them out here. The campaign is a Silver Winner of the 2022 Muse Creative Award. The campaign is a Gold Winner of the 2022 MarCom Awards.




Silver Winner of the
2022 Muse Creative Award


Gold Winner of the
2022 MarCom Award