Groundworks® Home Services unlocks strategic pathways for U.S. homeowners


Groundworks®, the nation's leading foundation and water management solutions company, boasting 21 combined brands and 56 branches across the country, specializes in residential foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete lifting services. With a mission to protect, repair, and improve customers’ greatest asset – their home – they partnered with Nextdoor to drive highly qualified leads while maintaining a baseline return on ad spend (ROAS).


Groundworks and Nextdoor collaborated to test newsfeed display and video Groundworks sponsored posts to reach neighbors with the goal of targeting high-propensity zip codes in homeownership. By employing multiple creatives, they optimized for engagement and results to achieve the desired ROAS.


The joint efforts between Groundworks and Nextdoor produced exceptional growth in lead volume from April to June 2023, generating over 400 qualified leads in just three months. The most successful month was June 2023, which garnered over 150 qualified leads, with ROAS reporting only 2% below the target.

Furthermore, by implementing new targeting levers, such as focusing on homeowners and the 4x4 activity segment (neighbors who visited the app four times for four consecutive weeks), the campaigns maintained a steady lead count.

"When comparing Nextdoor to Meta, we observed a 1.24x higher close rate from Nextdoor, affirming the neighborhood-based social platform's pivotal role in Groundworks' Paid Social strategy."

Victor Borunda

Head of Display Marketing, Groundworks