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Local Deals Brings in New Customers for Portland Business

After a cold, wet winter, you may look down at your floors and realize your carpets and rugs need some deep cleaning. Such is the case for many people in the greater Portland area – and Gallagher's Rug & Carpet Care is standing by to help.

Gallagher’s has been active on Nextdoor for several years, earning lots of business from locals as a result of their 60 recommendations. They strive to offer top quality services, and their customers are delighted with their results.

This spring, as the rainy season was coming to an end, Gallagher’s Rug & Carpet Care was in the planning stages of their twice-annual rug cleaning special when they learned about Local Deals on Nextdoor. Natalie, who manages the company’s social media, knew the impact Nextdoor's local marketing had already had on their business, and wanted to take the first opportunity they could with Nextdoor to formally promote their rug cleaning special – at the very start of what is historically their busy season.

“We’ve received a lot of business from having a presence on Nextdoor, and from people recommending us, so we thought Local Deals would be a really good place to dip our feet in. We wanted to try it and take advantage of it,” Natalie said.

Natalie was able to hyperlocally target their offer for 20% off rug cleaning across several surrounding neighborhoods, and as a result, gained nearly a dozen new customers – as well as new recommendations.

“We’ve had a really good experience with [Local Deals]. The quality of the jobs we get from neighbors on Nextdoor is very high compared to other platforms we use. It’s been helpful to get the word out into those neighborhoods. The quality of the leads that come from Nextdoor are better, too, than from other platforms. We’ve found that these leads have already made their purchasing decision.”

Local Business carpet cleaning

Gallagher's Rug & Carpet Care promoted their rug cleaning special through Nextdoor’s Local Deals.

What does Natalie think the secret to success is for businesses on Nextdoor? Recommendations.

“When people talk about businesses on Nextdoor, there’s a lot of trust that comes with those recommendations. Other platforms have reviews that are just there, whereas people who use Nextdoor know that the people talking are legitimate - they live in their own communities. We know all the people who have left us reviews, and we’ve worked really hard for those.”

The “old-fashioned” way of getting advice, according to Natalie - recommendations from real people - has aided Gallagher’s Carpet & Rug Cleaning in building their local reputation, and the use of Local Deals allowed them to share their spring cleaning promotion with their target neighborhoods, ultimately bringing in new business and newly satisfied customers.