Made Renovation converted neighbors looking to renovate


average CTR


below cost per qualified lead goal


lower cost per home visit compared to other paid channels


lower cost per qualified lead compared to other paid channels


With 53% of Nextdoor neighbors interested in DIY & home improvement, Made Renovation and their agency Thesis Testing partnered with Nextdoor to encourage sign ups and reach neighbors at the local level.


Made Renovation ran Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor Newsfeed & In-App Digest. The Sponsored Posts were targeted at the DMA level and also utilized Nextdoor’s Home Services & Home Improvement conversion models. Additionally, local substitution was used to customize the brand’s Sponsored Posts by changing the name of the neighborhood and further localizing a national message. A variety of creatives were used to encourage sign ups with promotional CTAs and before/after photos.


Made Renovation’s Sponsored Posts outperformed the Consumer and Professional vertical benchmark by more than double, with an average CTR of 0.88%. The campaign also resulted in a lower cost per qualified lead than other paid channels, including a cost per qualified lead that was 63% below goal.