Nextdoor helped raise awareness for companiions’ offerings


new registrations




companiions’ mobile app provides a simple, trusted way for people to arrange in-person, on-demand support, assistance and company for themselves or their loved ones.  As a purpose-led social enterprise, their mission is to bring companionship to every community in a safe, easy and convenient way. Many people don’t need care, but they do need a caring person to provide a helping hand so they can live a happy and independent life at home. companiions wanted to generate leads for their services and reach new customers who needed help and support for older loved ones.


companiions ran Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor newsfeed targeted to areas where the supply of companions was strongest. The Sponsored Post creative showed lifestyle images and used emojis to boost neighbor engagement. The creative also substituted the neighborhood name to further localize the messaging and make it more personal.


Since the beginning  of their partnership with Nextdoor, companiions has seen a 200% increase in new customer registrations, which was a key intent goal. This is supported by a halo effect increase in new companions registrations of 46%. In addition, and perhaps more significantly, booked visits have grown 250% since the start of the campaign.

"As a fairly new business, built on human interaction, companiions was significantly impacted by covid and lockdown. Coming out of the pandemic, it was key for companiions to focus on creating a community built on trust and reach customers that needed support and assistance for themselves or their loved ones. The requirement to engage with specific local communities in a contextually relevant environment where our companion volumes were high was key to delivering success. We noticed through internal data that many of our new customers were coming organically from Nextdoor. Companions that believed in our mission were letting their local community members know about the service and themselves as being available. We used this data to start a paid campaign with Nexdoor in these specific communities, creating awareness and acquisition. Nextdoor's community is a trusted space and the business has a shared purpose that aligns to companiions, whereby we both want to provide help to hyper local communities."

Jon Mawer