Nextdoor Performed Competitively Compared to Facebook for a Home Services Brand


Over the last 12 months, Thesis Testing - a conversion rate optimization agency - made channel exploration and expansion a core focus of their business, with the goal of optimizing performance for their clients.


Thesis Testing worked with their clients to run Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed, averaging 8-10 creatives at launch and grouping them ~3 per ad group. They also recommend that their clients periodically remove low CTR creatives to help reallocate spend on newer creatives. Moreover, they strongly recommend focusing on image/static assets. 


Nextdoor proved to be a great performance channel, specifically when leveraging Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed. For one home services client, Thesis benchmarked Nextdoor’s performance in terms of ROI relative to Facebook. In this particular case, Nextdoor performed competitively with their Facebook campaigns. Compared to Facebook, the conversion from lead to sale on Nextdoor was significantly higher.

"Nextdoor has quickly become a meaningful channel for many of our clients, particularly in the Home Services category. Nextdoor's high value audience of HHI home owners are actively engaged, enabling our clients to reach and target new users through authentic and high impact ad placements on the platform. We have seen healthy, 6-figures+ in monthly spend and ROI that is competitive with our other core digital and offline channels and look forward to ongoing success as we continue to spend and scale campaigns."

Adam Lovallo

Founder, Thesis Testing