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Real Estate Agent Promotes Event on Nextdoor, Sees All-Time Best Attendance

Texas real estate agent and broker Chandler Crouch heard about Nextdoor’s new real estate offerings before the section was offered in his area and immediately joined the waitlist to sponsor several ZIP codes.

“I’m super picky about how I spend my marketing dollars. Knowing the level of quality that Nextdoor has, anything that Nextdoor does is going to lend to developing relationships, which is ultimately what I’m going after,” Crouch explained.

He now sponsors two ZIP codes where he does a lot of his business. As a way to give back to his community, Crouch helps local Texans navigate the complicated property tax protest laws and decided to host a free event for his local community about the topic.

Crouch used his Neighborhood Sponsorship to post to the areas he sponsors and promote his event. If 75 people showed up, he would have deemed the event a success.

“Because of Nextdoor, at least 290 people signed in at the event, and a total of 350 crowded into the room. It’s the most people I’ve ever spoken to at once. I was blown away. Nextdoor will continue to be my main channel for driving attendance at events.”

Chandler Crouch posted to the neighborhoods he sponsors
An example of one of Crouch’s posts on Nextdoor

And while Crouch is happy that his expertise can help so many local community members, he is also encouraged about how many people he has been able to meet and build relationships with. Crouch continues, “I’m trying to build a reputation online and build trust, build a relationship, and earn their business. It’s a long-term thing. I want to become the community resource, and I want to be valuable to the community. The only way I can do that is if I communicate – I don’t know of anything better than Nextdoor to do that.”

His efforts are paying off. In the span of one month, 1,500 people contacted Crouch’s brokerage exclusively as a result of seeing his ads on Nextdoor.

“Overall, for my business, Nextdoor has been incredible. I’ve been tracking my stats. It’s just been a huge thing.”