Shipt drove awareness of local neighborhood Shipt shoppers


above industry benchmark for Attention Quality


above platform click benchmarks


above industry benchmark for Viewability


79% of Nextdoor neighbors are the main food shopper in the household, while another 27% are joint food shoppers in the household.1  Moreover, 86% of Nextdoor neighbors often shop at supermarkets or grocery stores and 32% have ordered groceries online in the last week.Given our audience of affluent household decision makers, Nextdoor provided a unique environment for Shipt - a same-day delivery service that lets customers order from their local store for delivery right to their door - to reach neighbors and turn them into customers. Targeting specific neighborhoods in key markets, Shipt sought to raise awareness for its delivery services, through highlighting local shoppers in their neighborhoods along with unique-to-Shipt preferential data. This is a first to market test where local business marketing tools were used to amplify gig workers. Shipt’s objectives were three-fold:

  1. Drive awareness of local neighborhood Shipt shoppers
  2. Encourage first time Shipt orders
  3. Test local shopper ad creative with goal of scaling across shoppers nationwide


Shipt ran sponsored posts in the newsfeed highlighting local shoppers and available retailers. Additionally, the brand tested the campaign across the DC and Philly markets, using first party address data to ensure targeted neighbors lived within metros where shoppers were available. Using local substitution, Shipt leveraged our Dynamic Local Ads to dynamically insert specific neighborhood and city names into the copy, which typically results in 50% higher engagement across sponsored posts. Shipt also provided available retailers by zip code, which dynamically populated in the copy. Shopper headshots and preference data were provided by the brand, enabling our team to create custom images for each shopper.


Both markets consistently outperformed engagement benchmarks across the entirety of the campaign, with the Philly market outperforming DC based on an average CTR of 0.3%. Female neighbors drove the strongest performance with an overall CTR of 0.31%, while weekends generated the strongest engagement, with CTR rates peaking on Saturdays. Suburban neighborhoods contributed to the strongest lift in engagement vs urban and rural areas.

Additionally, the Shipt campaign drove organic increases in neighbor searches (26% pre/post campaign and 36% YoY) and mentions (14% pre/post campaign and 17% YoY) for “Shipt”, showing interest and recommendation which drove shopper sign ups and orders. Looking at the month prior to the campaign and month the campaign ran, neighbors exposed to Shipt drove a 33% lift in searches vs a 7% lift across neighbors who were not exposed and neighbors exposed to Shipt drove a 17% lift in mentions vs a 2% lift across neighbors who were not exposed. Posts from neighbors seeking information on Shipt (for ex: asking if others have used it, what their experience has been) generated the highest numbers of comments. We also saw posts thanking their local Shipt shopper for their kindness and diligence generating large numbers of positive reactions.

According to Moat Analytics, the campaign performed 106% above industry benchmark for Attention Quality - the percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting; 28% above industry benchmark for Viewability - the percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second; and 210% above industry benchmark for Hover Rate - the percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad.


1Source: GWI Core US 2022 

2Source: GWI USA 2022