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How to grow your business with Nextdoor Ads this holiday season

September 16, 2022
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
September 16, 2022 | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

How to grow your business with Nextdoor Ads this holiday season


The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to grow your business with Nextdoor Ads. With 88% of Nextdoor neighbors supporting a local business at least once a week* and 77% saying they plan to shop locally this holiday season*, you’ll want to make sure your business is ready. This is true especially this year as 78% of consumers plan to start their holiday shopping early*. Whether your business offers holiday-related services or products, Nextdoor Ads help you get in front of nearby customers with impactful holiday marketing to keep business booming. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use Nextdoor Ads to grow your business throughout the holiday season.

What are Nextdoor Ads?

Nextdoor Ads is an easy-to-use, hyper-local advertising solution that helps you turn neighbors into customers with capabilities to create impactful holiday ads. Whether you want to increase traffic to your website or Business Page, increase your brand awareness, or promote a sale or discount, Nextdoor Ads helps you meet your unique business goals and attract new customers with holiday campaigns that inspire. 

When you create a Nextdoor Ad, your business will have priority placement in the Nextdoor newsfeed as well as boosted rankings in search results. You can select the targeting of your Ads to reach neighbors outside of your neighborhood. You’ll also be able to track your ad’s success through your performance dashboard.

3 Stages of holiday marketing with Nextdoor Ads

When it comes to effective holiday marketing, think like your customer and meet them in the moment. Spread the holiday spirit and model your holiday marketing strategy around their buying journey. Don’t miss a beat and create a holiday marketing calendar to prepare for upcoming holidays. Consider these three stages: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. Use Nextdoor Ads to reach customers at each stage through custom ad campaigns.

Stage 1: Awareness 

We recommend starting your holiday marketing in October, when neighbors begin to think about the holiday season. While they may not be ready to make a decision, potential customers are likely to start their research. Whether you offer holiday-related services or products, this is the time to get your name out there. If applicable to your business, include holiday promotions in ad copy to entice and gain visibility.

Use Nextdoor Ads to:

  • Introduce your business and your products or services
  • Get more recommendations
  • Share seasonal updates   

See the example for inspiration: 

Why this works: In this example, Oasis Landscaping is building brand awareness and trust by offering a free checklist. This is a creative way to not only showcase their winter services but also provide a free resource for potential customers. Giving something away before asking a potential customer to book a service creates a memorable first impression and gives them a reason to come back to your business. 


Stage 2: Consideration

Once neighbors have done their research, they’ll move into the consideration stage. In November, begin to share why neighbors should choose your business over another. This is an opportunity to share inspiration and your expertise, as well as validate your business’s reputation.

Use Nextdoor Ads to:

    • Share gift guides, seasonal services, holiday menus, or events
    • Answer common questions about your products or services
    • Showcase your business recommendations Consideration - Retail Ad

See the example for inspiration: 

Why this works: In this example, Helen’s Home Hardware spotlights a customer recommendation. If you aren’t already utilizing your business’s recommendations, now is the time to start. Not only are recommendations a free marketing tool, they are extremely effective for building customer trust and boosting your business’s reputation through holiday ads.


Stage 3: Decision

After the consideration stage, neighbors will be ready to make a purchase. By December, make sure your business is the one they choose.

Use Nextdoor Ads to:

  • Promote a sale or discount
  • Spotlight a top-selling product or popular service
  • Feature gift cards 

See the example below for inspiration: 

Why this works: In this example, Bluebird Cafe offers a free holiday dessert for customers who book their service during a limited one-week period. Offering a free menu item incentivizes customers to choose their business because they are getting more than they paid for. Adding “this week only” to the messaging also increases the sense of urgency so potential customers are more likely to book sooner than later.


Boost sales and brighten your holiday with Nextdoor Ads

With the holiday season fast approaching, make sure you are ready to meet neighbors where they’re at. Use Nextdoor Ads to increase awareness around your business, let neighbors know why they should choose you, and promote special holiday offers to boost sales and brighten the season. Get started by claiming your free Business Page.

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