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Ask a Neighbor: How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of a New Nextdoor Feature

June 21, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
June 21, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

If you have a Nextdoor neighbor account, you may have noticed a new way to ask for timely advice and local tips when you go to create a post: Ask a Neighbor. This feature improves your ability to give and get help from neighbors and share favorite local businesses in your community. 

What Ask a Neighbor Means for Your Small Business

With Ask a Neighbor, neighbors can post a question and receive timely answers and recommendations from the community.  One of the biggest changes to come with Ask a Neighbor is the way your business appears when it's tagged in a post or comment. Instead of a simple text link, a preview card that includes your business name, business information, profile photo, and recommendation count will appear. 

So what does this mean for your business? You now have the potential to get more visibility on Nextdoor. In fact, Business Page views have gone up 18% since Ask a Neighbor was first introduced. And while this new feature is intended for neighbor accounts, it presents a great opportunity for your small business to attract more customers. 

This information is pulled directly from your business page, so make sure your page is up to date and optimized so neighbors are compelled to click through to learn more.

Take advantage of the new Ask a Neighbor feature and get more eyes on your Business Page by following these three steps. 

#1 Fill in your business information

When your business is tagged in a comment or post, your information is automatically pulled into a preview card. Make sure neighbors know exactly where to find and contact you by updating (or filling out) your business information. Update your address, phone number, hours of operation, and website.

TIP: Business Pages with websites listed to get more engagement on Business Posts. Learn more secrets to a better business page here

#2 Include a quality profile photo

Along with your business information, your Business Page’s profile photo will also appear when your business is tagged. In general, it’s good practice to include a high-quality photo on your Business Page because those pages see more engagement on their Business Posts. In fact, Business Pages with a photo gallery generate 2.6 times as many views.

When neighbors see a photo in place of the default avatar, it gives your business a more professional look - adding credibility and trust.

TIP: Make sure your profile photo gives the best first impression of your business. This photo can be your business logo or if you’re a real estate agent, your headshot.

#3 Be part of the conversation

When your business is tagged in a post, you’ll get notified. Make sure you respond to each comment you're tagged in. According to the 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey, 70% of consumers say they “are more likely to use a business that has responded” to their comments. 

Replying with a simple thank you goes a long way in building trust and rapport with potential customers.

TIP: Stay on top of your Nextdoor notifications so you can respond to your tags in a timely manner.

Get more visibility in your neighborhood

Nextdoor’s new Ask a Neighbor feature could be a huge opportunity to attract new customers. Take advantage of the opportunity by updating your Business Page - including your business information and profile photo, gathering more recommendations, and responding to neighbors when your business is tagged

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Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting businesses, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting business, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook

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