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Best Practices for Agents to be the Ultimate Neighbor on Nextdoor

June 12, 2019 • Product tutorials • Written by Danielle Styskal

Real estate agents are often connectors in their communities: they’re involved in various community and philanthropic groups, they know about the school districts, sponsor local events, work with and refer numerous local home service providers, and of course, have immense knowledge about the local real estate market. They can be an invaluable resource to the community – and on Nextdoor, they can use their Neighborhood Sponsorships to showcase their professional expertise and knowledge.

It’s also important, though, to be a good neighbor. And, it’s good for business. How can real estate agents use their member accounts on Nextdoor to supplement their Neighborhood Sponsorships?

Let’s first discuss the difference between a member account and a business account. Your member account is meant to help you keep up with your neighbors, friends, and family that live in the local community. It’s where you can, for example, share crime and safety information, ask for local recommendations, or inquire as to whether anyone has seen your lost pet. Your business account is all about your brand and the services you offer as a professional. To become a Neighborhood Sponsor, you need a business account. Your Business Page is the right place to invite past clients to leave recommendations, and where you can share essential details you want customers to know about your business.

Now, read on for tips to use your member account in tandem with your business account to become the ultimate neighbor!

1. Be neighborly. This sounds obvious, but what exactly does it mean to be neighborly? Reply to neighbors’ questions and comments, be respectful and polite in tone, and welcome new neighbors when they join. Participate because you genuinely want to be a good neighbor and positively contribute to the community.

2. Share your real estate expertise when appropriate. Neighbors turn to Nextdoor to get help with everyday decisions and tasks. If a neighbor asks for a recommendation for a service provider and you have a local favorite, let them know! If they’re seeking information about home values or a real estate agent, chime in and offer yourself as a resource.

3. Invite neighbors. The more neighbors on Nextdoor, the more people there are to connect with and help one another. Send your free invitation postcards to anyone who is not yet on Nextdoor. Or, stop by the new neighbors’ house to introduce yourself and give them a free invitation flyer to join and get acclimated to the new neighborhood.

4. Add your profession to your member profile. If neighbors want to learn more about you, they can visit your member profile. Don’t forget to include your link to your Business Page within your member profile!

5. Save your market updates and listings for your sponsored posts. Since the sharing of self-promotional and commercial content is prohibited for members within Nextdoor’s community guidelines, use your Neighborhood Sponsorship to promote your business, not your member account.

6. Gather inspiration for your sponsored posts. As an active member of Nextdoor, you have insights into what is going on in the neighborhood, and the topics that are of high interest to your community. Use one of your two monthly sponsored posts to go in-depth on a topic that the greater community could benefit from learning more about. If you need some inspiration, check out posts from agents who use Neighborhood Sponsorship to connect with neighbors here.

Neighborhood Sponsorship provides a dynamic opportunity for agents to connect with members locally, build their reputation, and strengthen relationships so they can become the to-go agent that neighbors recommend. If you’re an agent or broker interested in real estate advertising on Nextdoor, claim your ZIP code(s) and get started with Neighborhood Sponsorships here.

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