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The Best Free Real Estate Flyer Templates

November 22, 2019 • Marketing tips • Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

Free Real Estate Brochure Templates

Using high-quality real estate flyer templates is essential to improving your real estate marketing campaigns, positioning your brand, and attracting prospective buyers. 

Ideally, the best flyers would make it easy to not only add images of your property, but also include the property’s details. 

Use templates designed for high-resolution images, amazing typography, and precise messages to lure potential buyers. You don’t need to be a graphic designer for a professional design—focus on being a real estate professional. Once you’re all set with your flyer, make sure you get it in front of the right prospects with a local marketing service like Nextdoor Real Estate. Real estate professionals can become a Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsor after they create their free Nextdoor Business Page; you can choose your ZIP code to build a hyperlocal presence, put your brand in front of local homeowners, and partake in conversations with neighbors via your sponsored posts.

Here are some of the best free real estate flyer template options:

1.  Modern Bungalow real estate flyer

The Modern Bungalow real estate flyer templates are ideal for both transitional style and traditional homes. The free flyers also have icons that highlight the key features of the home on the side of the copy. 

With an icon for the bathroom, garage size, and bedrooms, numbering the specifics will be enough to put the message out there. It provides space for four photos that you can use to portray the best parts of your property.

2.  Alluring Homestyle real estate flyer

Homestyle has stylish flyer design options for homes that would fit well into a top tier home magazine or a minimalistic website. With their drag-and-drop feature, you can place the best photos of your real estate property in the grid. 

After choosing typography or adding texture to the template design, you will be good to go. You can add the specific details of your business to the template before publishing it. Find it on Canva.

3.  Cottage House real estate flyer

A Cottage House real estate flyer template is best suited for a refurbished farmhouse property or a stately countryside manor. The property flyer allows you to highlight features while giving you the option of adjusting color and typography. 

By using their free real estate templates, you will only need to focus on a single large photo, which is ideal for a property with curb appeal.

4.  Hero image with four teasers

This is the best template for a luxurious property with curb appeal. It lets you place a large hero image of your property for a strong impression. You also get the option of adding four more photos for other inviting areas of the home. 

As for real estate agents, you also get a space to write your details and a summary of the home’s key features. One thing that stands out with the template is that it has a section for including the property price. Edit it using Microsoft PowerPoint. Find it here

5.  Zillow Premier Agent Real Estate Templates

Zillow offers many real estate marketing materials including real estate flyer templates. You can easily customize and edit their free templates using Microsoft PowerPoint. As with the font selection, page layout, and scaling of the photos, everything is easy to edit. 

Pick the perfect layout, add property details, and add photos in the right areas. You can print the listing flyer on your own, send them to a professional printer, or include it in the emails you send to potential clients.

6.  For sale by owner flyer template

For homeowners looking to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate agent, this design template will provide the best tool. It is ideal for both an open house and a normal property sale. This property flyer will allow you to include your contact information, home images, a detailed description, and a summary of the key features. 

On the plus side, editing it is easy as you only need Microsoft Word instead of other professional editing software like Adobe InDesign.

7.  Child friendly real estate flyer

If your ideal customer includes families, this is the best flyer for you. Its minimalist design lets you use the text to not only highlight the key home features, but include information that parents would be interested in, including nearby schools, and the state of the neighborhood. If you wish to host an open house, this option is ideal for creating an open house flyer template. Find it on Canva.


A real estate flyer design might be your introduction to a potential client. Stick to modern designs and high-quality images for both in-person and online eyes (who might find you on Google or social media). Leverage these flyers to make your real estate listings stand out from the crowd.

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