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Tips for Real Estate Agents: How to Promote Your Listings on Nextdoor with Posts

October 21, 2019
Written by Danielle Styskal
October 21, 2019 | Written by Danielle Styskal

Promote Listings on Nextdoor with Posts

With a new listing, as a real estate agent, you want it featured in as many places as possible so as to find a buyer quickly – but you also want to show up in front of relevant customers who may be interested in the home and neighborhood. Neighbors turn to Nextdoor to learn more about local homes for sale, about their own property value, and to interact with the local real estate expert for their home-related questions. For real estate agents that are Neighborhood Sponsors on Nextdoor, the opportunity is ripe for marketing your listings to local homeowners.

Each month, as part of your Neighborhood Sponsorship, you have the opportunity to share two real estate posts in each of your sponsored ZIP codes. When you use the “Share an update,” “Create a poll,” or “Share a local event” posting options, the post publishes into the Newsfeed, which is what members see first when they sign into Nextdoor – and where your post will get the most visibility. What better place to feature your recently sold listings, give a sneak peek of listings that are coming on the real estate market soon, or share details about an upcoming community event, such as an open house that you’re hosting than the Newsfeed?

Real Estate Marketing Tips: How to Promote Your Listings on Nextdoor with Posts

Curious about how other Neighborhood Sponsors are promoting their listings? Below are some examples of agents using the “Share an update” and “Share a local event” buttons to highlight their listings that you can try to help get the most out of your sponsorship! Try out these real estate marketing ideas on Nextdoor to attract more clients. 


Use the “Share an update” or “Share a local event” buttons to promote your real estate business and listings.

Spark interest for a listing that is coming soon using the “Share an update” post type.
Mike Brombacher - Post-1-1

This real estate agent uses a clear post title and visually appealing house photos to share a preview of his upcoming listing to potential homebuyers.

Invite neighbors to attend an open house you’re hosting, either by using the “Share an update” or “Share a local event” post types. Though both of these posts will publish into the Newsfeed, if you choose to advertise your open house using the “Share a local event” post type, neighbors will be able to RSVP with a “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe.” Any prospective buyer who responds with a “Yes” or “Maybe” will receive a notification reminding them about your event.
Mike Brombacher - Post 2-1

This real estate agent saves his best photos for the post to catch attention, and then links out to his website so neighbors can see more.

Garner attention for an active listing using the “Share an update” post type. Include photos as well as all of the pertinent details – or encourage neighbors to contact you as their real estate agent for more information! You can attach up to 20 photos to your post. You may also upload a video tour to host a virtual open house, or link to a video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo to show off all of the home’s features.
Delta Crabtree - POst (1)

This agent shared all of the home’s important details as well as a link to view a home tour.

Highlight listings that you recently helped close using the “Share an update” post type. For example, you could include a list of recently sold homes in the ZIP code you are sponsoring and their sale prices, and share your real estate website, contact information, or direct them to your real estate blog so neighbors can reach out for more information.
Team Danny D-1

This agent featured a beautiful photo of his recently sold listing and encouraged neighbors to contact him for more information about their own home’s valuation.

Post a video walk-through from an open house using the “Share an update” post type. You can upload a video that is up to 50 MB in size, or put the video on YouTube or Vimeo and paste the video link into the post, which will automatically embed the video into your post. This allows prospective homebuyers to get a peek into the current real estate market. Jeff-Chirico-Post-1-1

This agent shared the home’s relevant details right at the start of his video.

Advertise a price adjustment either by using the “Share an update” or “Share a local event” post types. Remind neighbors of the home’s features and why it is such a great deal in the local market.
Union Street Realty-1

This agent included a beautiful photo of this house listing along with a strong callout “Price reduced!” to promote the price adjustment to any prospective buyer.

With the ability to share two real estate posts into each of your sponsored ZIP codes each month, consider using the opportunity to further promote your listings in the local market.

Utilize Social Media

Once you’ve figured out how to promote your listings on Nextdoor, try to start using your social media channels to further promote each post. Social media for realtors is great because it provides a platform for you to share your listings, create interactive polls and contests, post pictures or videos, and advertise any informational blog posts. By doing this, you’re covering all your bases and finding ways to reach your audience across multiple platforms. 


Overall, using Nextdoor to promote your real estate business on social media is an effective way to boost your presence in the real estate industry. Get started today to position yourself as a competitive real estate professional and begin discovering potential clients!


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