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4 Ways to Use Local Deals to Boost Christmas Sales

Nov 3, 2022 9:26:14 AM
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
Nov 3, 2022 9:26:14 AM | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

This article was updated on November 2, 2022

As the festive season ramps up and Christmas shoppers are making their buying decisions, tapping into Nextdoor Local Deals is essential to grab the attention of local customers. From festive decor and services to Christmas gifts, Local Deals remind nearby customers that you’re available for business and let them know you’re offering special promotions to make their Christmas even brighter.

Here are a few ideas to attract more customers with Local Deals this Christmas:

#1 Countdown to Christmas with weekly promotions

Keep customers engaged (and coming back for more) all festive season long by using Local Deals to push weekly promotions. You can go about this in a variety of ways, but in this example, the retail store Noelle’s Novelties is choosing to highlight different products every week. They’re offering Nextdoor customers a 10% discount on all of their kitchen products and teasing ahead to their next promotion the following week.

Holiday Local Deal 1 (1) (1)

Why this works: A countdown with weekly promotions is not only a fun way to engage your customers, it keeps them coming back. Even if they aren’t interested in kitchen products, knowing that you’ll have a new offer for the next week may lead them to come back to see what you’re promoting next.

#2 Include something free

This time of year, customers are likely spending a lot of money and will be excited about the chance of getting something for free. It could be a free item or gift wrapping. If your business is online, this is a good opportunity to promote free shipping for orders over a certain amount. 

In this example, Whimsy Creations uses a Local Deal to offer customers a free wreath hanger with the purchase of any seasonal wreath and the mention of Nextdoor.

Holiday Local Deal 2

Why this works: This type of deal showcases the quality of products and gives customers more incentive to buy (a free wreath hanger).

#3 Offer a discount for shopping during non-peak hours

The festive season is an especially busy time for businesses. If you have a physical location and want to optimise visitor traffic, you could incentivise customers who come out of the peak shopping hours.

In this example, Baywood Books is offering customers 5% off one book if they stop by between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM -- when they typically get less foot traffic. 


Holiday Local Deal 3

Why this works: Offering an additional discount gives people more incentive to come to your business. Plus, shoppers will likely prefer being around fewer people during this time.

#4 Show off your Christmas portfolio

If the Christmas season is a big part of your business, Local Deals can help you showcase your festive work. This gives nearby customers a clear idea of what they’d get if they use your services or purchase from your business. 

In this example, Work of Art Photography is leaning into the busy Christmas season. This local photography business showcases her previous work then offers 5 additional photos for customers who mention Nextdoor.


Holiday Local Deal 4

Why this works: When you showcase your best work, it reassures potential customers of the quality of service they’ll get when they choose your business. Adding the additional photos is just the icing on the cake.

These are a few ideas to help get you started on using Local Deals this Christmas. They’re quick and easy to run – and help you reach the exact audience you’d like to target. Claim your Business Page to start using Local Deals today.  

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