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How to engage neighbours with free festive Business Posts

Nov 2, 2022 7:23:22 AM
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
Nov 2, 2022 7:23:22 AM | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

Not only can small businesses have a presence on Nextdoor with a free Business Page that makes them more discoverable, but verified businesses have the opportunity to engage with neighbours through Business Posts.

Business Posts are free – once verified, a business can post to their neighbourhood’s newsfeed to share updates, ask questions or get feedback, and draw in new customers. Neighbours can comment on a business's post or send a direct message to the business. When neighbours comment on their posts, businesses can view the comments and reply.

Customers need to hear from a business at least seven times before making a purchase, so use your free Business Posts early and often in conjunction with Local Deals to achieve those (at least) seven touch points.

How to use Business Posts in your Christmas marketing campaign

With the festive season upon us, Business Posts are a great, no-cost way to reach your closest customers, your neighbours. If you’re not sure what to share, we have some ideas for you.

1. Introduce yourself and tell your story. Introducing yourself, the person behind the business, can bring your business to life for customers. What is your connection to the community – did you grow up nearby? The story of your small business is unique and often what sets you apart.  

Why this matters: 77% of neighbours feel shopping at small businesses is important and want to make a local impact.*  When small businesses thrive, neighbourhoods thrive.


2. Capitalise on testimonials and recommendations. Let your customers’ or clients’ kind words speak for you and build trust among neighbours by posting the glowing feedback you’ve received. Check out the recommendations tab on your Business Page to find recommendations from nearby customers.

Why this matters: 72% of neighbours have been influenced by a business recommendation.


3. Provide inspiration with gift guides. Shoppers need gift ideas during the Christmas season. Curate and share a list of your top giftable products or services that customers can easily purchase in-store, through your website, or by calling you.

Why this matters: Retailers remain a key source of shopping inspiration.


4. Make a checklist. Who doesn’t love a good checklist to help them get things done? Whether you’re a home services provider who knows the things a neighbour needs to do to get their home ready for the cold weather, or a restaurant owner who knows all the steps someone should take to plan a Christmas party, your checklist can serve as an invaluable resource and elevate your own expertise.

Why this matters: Providing helpful, useful information earns the trust and respect of neighbours.


5. Showcase your best before and after photos. Service providers, this one's for you. From a haircut and colour, to house painting, to Christmas decorations, house cleaning, and more, document the difference your services can make by sharing before and after photos. 

Why this matters: Before and after pictures show that you deliver results and act as social proof from previous customers.

6. Seasonal alerts can create urgency. There are many home services that customers really shouldn’t put off before winter weather begins. As a service provider, remind customers to check things like boiler servicing, gutter cleaning, roof repair, and more, off their lists. No one wants a roof leak or broken boiler to squelch their festive plans, so encourage neighbours to book your services early, while you still have availability.

Why this matters: Cautionary posts show neighbours you are looking out for their best interests. 


7. Promote gift cards. Gift cards are popular purchases because they are easy to buy and gift, especially during the busy festive season. Remind neighbours that you have gift cards in various denominations to ease the stress of Christmas shopping.

Why this matters: 56% of neighbours are likely to purchase gift cards this season.* 


8. Promote Small Business Saturday. Encourage neighbours to shop small and support small businesses for all they do in their communities. Highlight your contributions to the neighbourhood, and share what your neighbourhood means to you.

Why this matters: Neighbourhood spirits positively influence Christmas spending.*


Make the most of your posts by aligning your messaging with neighbours’ mindsets. Our Christmas marketing calendar can help you understand what to say and when to say it in your Business Posts.

As you plan your Christmas marketing campaign, tap into Nextdoor’s small business solutions and ensure your content meets your customers where they are in their Christmas shopping journey.

*Internal Nextdoor data

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