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5 social media post ideas for the holidays

Whether you’re looking to maximize your local business’s peak season or simply looking to spread some festive cheer, the holidays provide plenty of opportunities to   create engaging holiday social media posts, and boost your holiday marketing efforts. 

Nextdoor utilizes Business Posts, highly visible posts are displayed where neighbors spend the most time on Nextdoor and provide an easy way for businesses to engage and connect with their local customers.

But if you’re thinking, “The holiday season is busy enough and posting is the last thing on my mind,” don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up holiday social media ideas - inspired by fellow local businesses - to give you the creative jumpstart you need for your holiday marketing campaign.

Why Holiday Posts and Holiday Marketing on Social Media are Important

Enhanced Engagement with Social Media Holiday Content

Posting engaging holiday content, such as creative Christmas social media posts or mouthwatering World Chocolate Day content, can significantly boost audience engagement. People are more likely to interact with and share holiday-related posts.

Increased Brand Visibility through Holiday Posts

By actively participating in social media holidays like Thanksgiving Day and World Chocolate Day, you can increase your brand's visibility and reach a wider audience, especially when you utilize effective holiday marketing strategies.

Building a Stronger Social Media Presence with Holiday Content

Consistently sharing holiday social media posts helps strengthen your brand's online presence. It allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level and build lasting relationships.

Holiday Marketing Drives Traffic and Sales

Effective holiday marketing campaigns can drive traffic to your website or physical store by promoting special offers and holiday-themed products or services. A well-timed holiday post can lead to increased sales during peak holiday seasons.

Diverse and Engaging Content Creation

Incorporating holiday content into your social media strategy adds diversity to your content calendar. It enables you to experiment with different content formats and themes, ensuring that your social media holiday posts remain fresh and captivating.

Holiday posts and holiday marketing on social media, including World Kindness Day, Independence Day, National Cookie Day, and Christmas social media posts, play a vital role in enhancing engagement, increasing brand visibility, building a strong online presence, driving traffic, and creating diverse and engaging content for your audience.

5 Ideas on How to Successfully Include Holidays in Your Business Posts

#1 Show off your previous holiday creations

If you offer professional services like decorating or light installations, show off your previous holiday post masterpieces and let neighbors know you’re available to create this same magic at their homes on Christmas Day.

For inspiration, Fabulous Designs by Sandy, posted photos of holiday post Christmas trees she decorated last year and let neighbors know her schedule is already getting booked. In this example, Sandy uses her Business Post to showcase her work and to create a sense of urgency (her schedule getting filled) for potential clients to reach out. Create your own eye-catching Christmas social media post to captivate your audience and boost your holiday marketing efforts.


Holiday Biz Post 1 (1)

#2 Inspire neighbors with holiday gift ideas

Be the resource your neighbors can turn to this holiday season by giving them the gifting inspiration they need. If you’re in retail, consider creating a holiday post gift guide with items neighbors purchase from your business. Or you can partner with other local businesses in the neighborhood to co-market products and spur the local economy. Use Business Posts to get the word out and potentially drive more sales through your social media post. In this example, 7 Leaf Creations showed off their products and linked out to their online guide.


Holiday Biz Post 2
TIP:  Get more engagement by encouraging neighbors to share what’s on their holiday wish list.

#3 Mention any special holiday hours or events

If you’re updating your hours of operation during the holiday season, use Business Posts to keep neighbors in the loop with your holiday social media posts. In this example, Happy Organizing Services is letting her clients know when she will be available before her business closes for the holidays.

Holiday Biz Post 3

You can also use Business Posts to announce special holiday events you’re organizing at your business. Let the community know what they can expect by posting a social media holiday calendar of events.

# 4 Let neighbors know how you’re giving back to the community and how they can participate

Celebrate the season of giving and use your Business Posts to rally support from your neighbors involved as well. If your business is partnering with a local organization to collect donations (food, gifts, etc.) use your post to get the word out and let neighbors know how they can participate in spreading happy holiday cheer.

For inspiration, One Moment Photography used her Business Post to let neighbors know she was taking holiday family porch photos and giving donations to her local food bank. This heartwarming content not only spreads joy but also encourages community involvement during the holiday season.  

Holiday Biz Post 4

#5 Thank the community

A simple thank you to your community goes a long way. Spread the holiday spirit by sharing how much you appreciate their support and business. In this Business Post, La Dolce Vita Eatery creates meaningful content by thanking their local community of loyal customers for helping keep their business going.


Holiday Biz Post 5

Holiday Social Media Posts FAQs

What are some creative ideas for holiday social media posts?

When planning your holiday social media posts, it's essential to have a content calendar that includes key holidays like New Year's Day and potential-to-go-viral holidays like National Selfie Day, World Health Day, and National Trivia Day. For New Year's Day, you can share reflections and resolutions. On National Selfie Day, encourage user-generated content. On World Health Day, share health-related tips and resources. On National Trivia Day, engage your audience with fun industry-related trivia questions.

How can I effectively use a content calendar for holiday social media posts?

A content calendar is a valuable tool for organizing and scheduling your holiday social media posts. It helps you plan content well in advance, ensuring that you don't miss important holidays. Be sure to include content ideas, posting dates, and promotional strategies for each holiday to streamline your social media marketing efforts.

What strategies can I implement to maximize engagement during the holiday season?

To maximize engagement during the holiday season, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. Use holiday-specific hashtags like #ChristmasDay, #KindnessDay, and #ThanksgivingDay, to reach a broader audience. Additionally, consider running contests, giveaways, and interactive polls to encourage participation and interaction.

How can I align my holiday social media posts with my brand's message and values?

It's essential to maintain consistency with your brand's message and values in your holiday social media posts. Craft content that reflects your brand's personality and ethos while incorporating holiday themes. For instance, on Earth Day, share environmental quotes and nature-related trivia that align with your brand's commitment to the environment.

Are there any specific metrics I should track for my holiday social media posts?

When measuring the success of your holiday social media posts, track key metrics like:

  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares)
  • Click-through rates (CTR)
  • Conversion rates (if applicable) 

The growth of your social media and community following during the holiday season. These metrics will help you assess the effectiveness of your holiday marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments.

We hope you enjoyed ideas on how to spread the holiday cheer using Nextdoor Business Posts, but remember, you don’t need a holiday to start engaging with your local community. You can do it year-round with these ideas from other local businesses.

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