Mar 16, 2023 | 3 min read

Help Neighbors Celebrate National Pet Month

Throughout the month of May, pet lovers all across the US will be celebrating National Pet Month. And where better to celebrate than on Nextdoor? Pets are family too and Nextdoor is home to a passionate community of pet lovers, providing a unique opportunity to help neighbors involve their furry friends in all kinds of activities in a way that only Nextdoor can. 

On Nextdoor, your brand has the ability to reach real people with high-intent across neighborhoods, everywhere. 

  • Real People: Reach an authentic and incremental audience looking for and sharing trusted recommendations

  • High-Intent: Influence neighbors in an action mindset when they’re looking to get things done

  • Neighborhoods, everywhere: Tailor your message with local personalization at national scale

Nextdoor neighbors are verified and logged into the platform - they also engage with businesses, groups, product listings, and local services. Based on the groups they join, businesses they recommended, sales they make from For Sale & Free and terms they search for, we know that pet owners in particular show a high-intent signal and are more likely to convert. 


Topics / Key searches

Pet ownership 
Dog / cat lovers, dog walking, pet adoption

Pet care 
Veterinarians, pet groomer, pet sitter, kennel

Pet support
Lost animal, pet found

Show up for neighbors all across the nation with these ideas to help them celebrate their furry friends:

  • Sponsor The Neighborhood Spot for Pet Owners - a one-stop resource providing neighbors relevant advice & information related to their furry friends. Take a look at all of our Neighborhood Spots here

  • Highlight deals to influence new customer purchasing decisions, activity ideas, vet recommendations, and more.

  • Sponsor an interactive map built by Nextdoor highlighting the top places to take your pet for an adventure, including a dog-friendly park or the nearest store to reward your pet with a new toy or treat. 

Learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbors into customers here:     


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