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How your business can make the most of Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves

Updated May 2, 2023.

2023 Neighborhood Faves is here, the only local business awards where neighbors vote and decide the winners. This year’s voting period runs June 1 through June 30. Think your business has what it takes to win? Read on to learn how to get your local business ready.

Read on to learn how your local business can make the most of Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves.

What Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves means for

your business

Neighborhood Faves is an opportunity for your business to get the word out and grow your online reputation. When neighbors Fave local businesses during the voting period, the Faves count as votes for your business. In other words, one Fave equals one vote. Not only that, but when a neighbor Faves your business, they see all of your posts in their feed and you’re displayed on their profile. 

Neighbors who Fave businesses often write recommendations, which strengthen your local reputation, your Nextdoor business page, and your SEO. Besides bragging rights, Neighborhood Faves winners can have 30x more recommendations on their pages and 3x the number of page views and clicks (Source: Internal Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave data, 2020.) 

At the end of the voting period, businesses with the most Faves in each category will be awarded as a Neighborhood Fave. Not only will your Business Page show more Faves in general, you’ll have a new winner’s badge that shows you’re loved in your community. Neighborhood Faves are also featured on the Discover map, making it easier for neighbors to find your business.

How to make the most of Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves

Get the word out about your business and remind neighbors to vote June 1 to June 30, 2023.

1. Prep your business page 

Make sure to claim and verify your Business Page. Use your page to share your story, important business and contact info, plus photos that show what you do best. Verify that you have the right business categories selected to show up in the right places (select or edit categories by editing your Business Page).

2.   Share regular updates with Nextdoor Business Posts

Stay top of mind with neighbors with business posts, a free tool you can use to reach neighbors where they already share important updates and recommendations, the Nextdoor newsfeed. Your first post can be a simple hello, or take the opportunity to share more about you, a sentence or two on what you do, or mention which category neighbors can vote for you in this year’s Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves.

3. Download the free promotional kit to get your customers voting

Download the free kit for printable signs, promotional images, social media copy, and more to get your customers and neighbors voting in June. If your business has a presence on other social media channels, use them to get the word out. Send out a newsletter about Nextdoor Neighborhood Faves. Wherever you share, make sure to include the voting links provided in the kit or your Nextdoor page link, and ask for votes and Faves. Add urgency by including how many days are left to vote.

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