Jun 14, 2023 | 3 min read

Nextdoor continues to invest in its must-buy local ad platform

Updated June 14, 2023.


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Today, we’re excited to announce a number of ways we’re continuing to invest in our must-buy local advertising platform. With Nextdoor's extensive network of engaged users, businesses will be able to reach the right audience, build meaningful connections, and drive growth locally.

First, Nextdoor Ads Manager is a unified self-service platform that offers advertisers advanced and easy-to-use tools to help drive specific business goals and reach the audiences they care about most. Nextdoor Ads Manager enables advertisers to reach real people, tailor their message with local personalization at a national scale, and influence customers when they have highly valuable intent. Nextdoor Ads Manager will first be available to mid-market advertisers and will later expand to agencies and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) later this year.

Learn more about Nextdoor Ads Manager here.

Next, Nextdoor is continuing to prioritize brand safety and brand measurement via collaborations with Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, and Oracle Advertising (announced last October). Our partnership with IAS will begin testing now. Our integration with Oracle Moat is now live, ensuring that ads are being displayed in a safe and relevant environment. With this new suite of advertising tools and insights, businesses can harness the power of Nextdoor's neighborhood network to reach their
target audience effectively and connect on a personal level.

Additionally, Nextdoor is announcing a global partnership with digital out-of-home (DOOH) leader, DIVE Billboards to launch “Nextdoor Outdoor.” Following a successful partnership with DIVE Billboards in Canada, we’re expanding efforts to the U.S., enabling advertisers to leverage DIVE’s global cross-vendor source inventory of DOOH space. This merges online and offline content and allows trending moments from Nextdoor’s brand partners to appear out of the home.

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